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The Blue & Gray Press | May 24, 2019

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Sex Strikes, the GOP and Female Power

April 4, 2012 |

There’s nothing sexier than politics, and this year’s Republican candidates intend to keep it that way. From Rick Santorum’s call for a “war on hard-core pornography” to Trump’s offer to show American citizens his junk, the GOP has been paying … Read More

Watch What You Wish For this Holiday Season

December 7, 2011 |


Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone?

Nothing is better than something you’ve made yourself. Unless, of course, this year’s present is a crippling case of the clap. Sexually transmitted infections may be free, easy … Read More

A Final Week of ‘Studying’

November 30, 2011 |


Finals week is coming up, and, of course, the only sex we’re thinking about is in chromosomes and meiosis study guides. After all, college is about learning. However, as difficult as many of you may find this, … Read More

Porn: Not Just for Guys

November 16, 2011 |

Gentlemen, I’m about to blow your mind: girls watch porn.

Until recently, I thought that this was common knowledge. My friends and I have been having hilarious sleepovers featuring adult websites since we were fifteen (the contents of the actual … Read More

The Importance of Being Fit and Snug

November 10, 2011 |

Last week, I got a “package received” notification in my inbox. For 99 percent of the student body, this would be a thrilling moment. Well, the people sitting next to me when I opened it at the Nest certainly were … Read More

Exhibitionists Go South

October 16, 2011 |

There are certain aspects of the Mary Washington campus that one grows accustomed to over time. You know that the squirrels will always be a little nuts and that when it rains, there will be fifty students on Campus Walk all wearing the same boots.Read More

Sexclamations: Sex in College can be a Difficult Decision to Make

April 20, 2011 |

College is a time for making decisions, and the most exciting ones that everyone talks about involve sex.

Choosing whether to have sex or not is kind of like choosing which character to use when playing Super Smash Bros: it’s … Read More

Sexclamations: ‘Birds and Bees’ Awkward For Parents

April 13, 2011 |

People hate awkward moments. Like politicians, no one likes to be in a situation where they can feel their soul cringing in pain every time they have to answer a difficult question. This is why almost everyone avoids describing their … Read More

Sexclamations: Avoid Rebound, Enjoy Being Single

April 6, 2011 |

Nasty break ups suck. Not all break ups suck though, because sometimes running as fast as you can from that crazy ex is the best idea you’ve ever had. No, we’re talking about the big break ups of relationships that … Read More

Sexclamations: Abstinence Usually a Smart Option

March 30, 2011 |

Are you a socially active person on campus? Are you a member of the male or female population? Do you have a pulse? If you can respond to any of these questions in the affirmative, then chances are you have … Read More

Sexclamations: Keep Digital PDA Off of Internet

March 23, 2011 |

Have you ever been slightly uncomfortable when the couple just a table over from you starts getting up in each other’s business while you are trying to eat your lunch? You are not alone. Over eager Public Displays of Affection, … Read More

LETTER: Stop Objectifying the Female Body

March 23, 2011 |

Dear Editor,

After reading Calvin Sherwood’s article “Warm Weather Brings Short Skirts and ‘Ogling’ Eyes” in The Bullet, I have to say that I was extremely shocked and a little disappointed that this article was printed.

First off, it’s completely … Read More

Sexclamations: Warm Weather Brings Short Skirts and ‘Ogling’ Eyes

March 16, 2011 |

This column was originally titled: “Females’ Clothing Choice To Blame for Men’s Lewd ‘Ogling’” It was changed to better reflect the column’s satirical content.

As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer, we all naturally change our winter wardrobes to … Read More

Sexclamations: Vaginal Scent Can Attract or Repel Men

January 19, 2011 |

If you are a woman or have ever shared intimate moments with a woman, you have probably noticed a peculiar aroma around the lady parts. Afroman once likened it to a fish market in his song, “Colt 45.” “The Vagina … Read More

Sexclamations: Birth Control May Lower Sex Drive

December 1, 2010 |

If you’re experiencing decreased sexual desire, the cause may be your birth control. Oral contraceptives are like any other medicines in that there are a range of side effects associated with them. Birth control affects all women in different, highly … Read More

Sexclamations: Crotch Adjustment Is Private Business

November 10, 2010 |

Women go to great lengths not to touch themselves in public, especially in any region around the genitals or breasts. Beyond brushing our hands through our hair, we make sure not to disturb any other part of the body even … Read More

Sexclamations: SAVE Raises Red Flags on Violent Relationships

October 27, 2010 |

This week, Student Anti-Violence Educators (SAVE) has been raising awareness with red flags and multi-colored t-shirts, designed to empower and educate UMW students about dating violence. Shelley Hillberry, the president of SAVE, filled me in on what all the hoopla … Read More

Sexclamations: No Need to Blush Over Feminine Hygiene Items

October 20, 2010 |

This summer, I babysat a boy and a girl ages 10 and 12 respectively. One day, we stopped by my house on the way to the pool to pick up some pool supplies. The kids managed to wander into my … Read More

Sexclamations: HIV/AIDS Prevalence Acts As Motivation to be Tested

October 6, 2010 |

Despite all the talk about HIV/AIDS, many people still do not know much about it, beyond fundraising efforts like Product Red.

People generally know that having AIDS is not a good thing, but tend to believe AIDS only afflicts African … Read More

Sexclamations: Female Fantasies Can Smash Stereotypical Gender Roles

September 22, 2010 |

Not surprisingly, I talk about sex with my friends.

Often, the subject of sex is narrowed to sexual fantasies. After all, many young women are curious about all things related to sex.

They want to know if other people share … Read More

Sexclamations: A Review of Metropolitian Area Sex Shops

September 15, 2010 |

Over the past year or so, I have visited the few sex shops that exist in the D.C metro area, in addition to the one I consider supreme in New York City. This review does not include every sex shop … Read More

Sexclamations: A Different Take on Boxers VS Briefs

September 8, 2010 |

By ERIN HILL Columnist

While one’s undergarments are primarily a matter of personal preference and choice, skivvies occasionally make an appearance in pop culture and debate.  The debate about what type of underwear is supreme usually centers on males and … Read More

Sexclamations: In Dorm Sex, Roommate Communication a Must

September 1, 2010 |


For some students, returning to school presents new barriers and limits to their sexual activity. For others, it opens a completely new realm of opportunities and locations to experiment with sex.

Whatever the case, one thing is … Read More

Sexclamations: 'Study Breaks' Relieve Pressures of Exams

April 21, 2010 |


With exams just around the corner and other fast approaching deadlines, everyone on campus seems to be overloaded by stress. Sex is probably the last thing on your mind. Who can afford to waste precious, valuable time … Read More

Sexclamations: As Weather Warms, Temptation Strikes: Sex Outdoors Can be Alluring, and Illegal

April 14, 2010 |


Mungo Jerry once sang, “In the summertime when the weather is hot/You can stretch right up and touch the sky/When the weather’s fine/You got women, you got women on your mind.”

Perhaps there is a bit of … Read More

Sexclamations: To Shave or Not to Shave? That is the Question for Both the Girls and Guys

April 7, 2010 |


Now that the weather is heating up and the sun is almost always shining, people are breaking out their lightest, skimpiest clothes. Naturally this means people are revealing more skin. Exposing more skin usually leads to the … Read More

Sexclamations: Sex in Real Life Better Than in Movies

March 31, 2010 |


A scene from a video: Boy: “Hold on. I’m still wearing a sock. Is it in?” Girl: “We should put down a towel. I’m—spotting.” Boy: “I’ve kind of lost it [my erection].”

Despite some exaggeration, the … Read More

Sexclamations: PRISM Voices Thoughts about Sexual Identity

March 25, 2010 |

By ERIN HILL Columnist

Nearly everyone holds an opinion regarding the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Regardless of what you may believe, reading or listening to the perspectives of people that you know and can attach a face … Read More

Sexclamations: Condoms, Condoms, Condoms: the Juicy Details About Good Rubbers

March 18, 2010 |


Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. No glove, no love. Cover your stump before you hump. Put it on to get it on. If you go into heat, package your meat. The right selection will protect … Read More

Sexclamations: Gynecologist Answers Intimate Questions

March 10, 2010 |


This Friday and Saturday, several UMW students will be acting in Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. If you’re not able to see the production this weekend, I highly encourage you to read the book. Either way, the monologues … Read More