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The Blue & Gray Press | September 23, 2018

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sexual assault

The little non-profit with the big job: RCASA provides resources for local women

April 26, 2018 |


Contributing Writer

Tacked up on bulletin boards across the University of Mary Washington campus are brochures displaying a sketched tree with teal ribbons hanging from the branches.Read More

Out of the shadows: survivors find support with UMW Talley Center

February 8, 2018 |


Online Editor

A trickle of female students amble into a warm room where a swirl of incense fills the air and a selection of maroon upholstered chairs surrounds a table covered with coloring books, glitter jars, … Read More

Can Aziz Ansari be forgiven? Examining the intricacies of sexual misconduct

February 1, 2018 |


Senior Writer

The #MeToo movement marks a profound cultural shift: the end to the era of silencing victims of sexual harassment and assault and a forced reckoning of how we as a society view women, power, and sex. Read More

Staff Ed: the staff of the Blue & Gray Press stands with survivors of sexual assault

November 16, 2017 |


Over the past several weeks the issue of sexual assault has been coursing through American media outlets, with numerous well-known figures in Hollywood and politics being accused of sexual misconduct.Read More

The Weinstein Effect: What we can learn from sexual assault survivors

November 16, 2017 |


Staff Writer

On Oct. 5, decades of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein were publicized in a New York Times article. Although Weinstein’s long-running career came to an end with the list of accusations made, more allegations against Weinstein and many other men of powerful positions began to surface.Read More

Office of Title IX receives grant

November 2, 2017 |


Senior Writer

The UMW Office of Title IX recently received a $300,000 grant from the Office of Violence against Women in 2016. With these funds, the Office of Title IX is working to broaden its scope on campus by holding events and diversifying their mediums of outreach to students.Read More

Staff Ed: The Blue & Gray Press stands with sexual assault survivors in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal

October 19, 2017 |


The Hollywood bully and titan of the independent film industry, Harvey Weinstein, has been brought to his knees after reports by the New York Times and the New Yorker exposed his years of sexually assaulting starlets. In the wake of the reports, the board of the movie company that Weinstein built with his brother, Bob, fired him on Sunday. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revoked his membership, the Producers Guild terminated his membership him. Police in London and New York are investigating him for sexual assault. He is now an outcast in the entire film industry, and Weinstein’s wife has left him.Read More

Op Ed: POTUS: Predator of The United States

March 15, 2017 |


No matter how many times someone tells me I need to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the president, I will not, because I can never respect this man. Trump has been accused on multiple accounts of sexual harassment, and he continues to demean and belittle women because he is a celebrity in the eyes of the media. We need to break the silence on Trump and recognize that what this man has been getting away with for years is simply unacceptable.

Read More

UMW receives a $300,000 grant for sexual assault awareness

November 17, 2016 |


The University of Mary Washington recently received a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.Read More

UMW student victim of sexual assault

March 25, 2016 |


University of Mary Washington students received disturbing information from the university that a fellow student had been abducted and sexually assaulted around 3 a.m. on Friday, March 13. It was not stated whether the student was male or female.
Read More

Pepper spray, mace necessity on college campus, need policy change now

March 24, 2016 |


I think that if the university allows pepper spray and mace in residence halls that sexual assaults on our campus will greatly diminish.Read More

Court denies Kesha contract break, questions law

February 25, 2016 |


In an abusive marriage, the spouse being abused is urged to report the abuse to the police, stop all contact with the abuser and file for divorce. These steps are plausible, considering someone should not be forced to stay in a commitment that is harmful to one of the parties, even though the two parties have a legal contract defining their commitment to the other.Read More

Former UMW sergeant arrested for sexual assault

January 19, 2016 |


William Somers, former sergeant on the University of Mary Washington’s police force and Lexi Coleman, the victim of an alleged sexual assault reported in December, were both present at the Fredericksburg General District preliminary hearing on Thursday Jan. 14. Judge John Stevens assessed that the case should be sent to circuit court, according to The Free-Lance Star. Read More

Sexual assault prevention specialist, new programs sustain UMW values

September 2, 2015 |


A soon to be announced full­-time sexual assault prevention specialist
will be added to the University of Mary Washington’s staff after
September 10, according to Marissa Miller, the coordinator for
Prevention and Advocacy at UMW.Read More

UMW administration hosts open meeting in wake of completed sexual assault bills

March 18, 2015 |


Administration at the University of Mary Washington held an open meeting for students on March 11 in the Faculty and Staff Dining Room at Seacobeck Hall. The goal of the meeting was to get student and faculty … Read More

Feminists protest outside President Hurley's home for greater awareness

November 5, 2014 |


Feminists United on Campus organized a protest last week near Brompton House, the home of University of Mary Washington President Richard Hurley, in an effort to reinforce their concerns and demand change to the university administration’s level of activity regarding sexual assault on campus.Read More

Students march against sexual abuse

April 24, 2014 |

To help raise awareness and offer support to survivors, the University of Mary Washington community observes National Sexual Assault Awareness Month each year in April. Take Back the Night is one of the largest events on campus, used to raise awareness and encourage people to speak out against sexual violence.Read More

Police Beat: 4/6/11- 4/13/11

April 13, 2011 |

April 6- University police responded to reports of burglary at Willard Hall, which occurred between 10:40 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. The investigation is pending.

April 7- A UMW student, 19, of Manassas was arrested for possession of marijuana by the … Read More

Staff Editorial: Handling of Sexual Assault Questioned

April 6, 2011 |

In light of the recent $10 million lawsuit against the university, campus safety and police responsibility is constantly being questioned.

In recent years, the administration has taken steps to make the campus safer, including installing cameras in the parking deck … Read More

Staff Editorial: Covering Up Assaults, A Peace Corps Disgrace

February 16, 2011 |

The Peace Corps is typically associated with selflessness and giving, but in some ways the service organization appears to be asking too much of its volunteers.

In the past decade, approximately 1,000 volunteers have come forward with reports of rape … Read More

Rape Victim Sues UMW for $10 Million

December 2, 2010 |

Click here for a full version of the lawsuit


A former UMW student, who was sexually assaulted in 2008, is suing the university for $10 million, alleging negligence in providing a secure environment … Read More

Police Beat- April 13 to April 19

April 21, 2010 |

April 13- A UMW student reported that her license plate was missing from her car on Sunken Road.

April 13- A UMW student reported that on April 8, while waiting for a taxi at the Bell Tower, a man approached … Read More

Club Raises Awareness About Domestic Violence

April 7, 2010 |


“Join the fight! Wear white!”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and UMW is making efforts to raise awareness by hosting the White Ribbon Campaign on-campus this week.

The White Ribbon Campaign, which aims to end … Read More

UMW Should Do More to Prevent Sexual Assault

November 18, 2009 |

It has become increasingly apparent over the past two semesters that sexual assault is a serious problem on our campus. The well-publicized assault in the parking garage last year is just one example. The Bullet Police Beat has reported several … Read More

Midway Through the Semester, Four Reports of Sexual Offenses

October 7, 2009 |


In the past three weeks on campus, the UMW police have reported four cases of either sexual assault or sexual misconduct.  The increase in reports highlights the reccurring issue of safety on campus and … Read More

New club fights sexual assault

October 7, 2009 |

By Ashley Jacoby

October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” and a new club on campus has activities in the works.

Student Anti-Violence Educators, or SAVE, is a new organization on campus that wants to promote and educate the Mary Washington … Read More

Police Beat

September 30, 2009 |


Sept. 17- At 2 p.m., police saw a suspicious male at the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.  The 21-year-old male was with a car that had no gas in it.  Police started to check his license … Read More

Sexual Assault Can Happen to Anyone

January 22, 2009 |

By Anne Hallbrooks-Fulks

As a 9th grader, I used to read chain emails forwarded to me by my English teacher and other female role models in my life with titles like “forward this to every women you know!” They were … Read More

Sexually Assaulted Student Tells Story

November 20, 2008 |


UMW junior Brittany Adams kept quiet for six months after a man drugged her and sexually assaulted her last spring. It happened during a visit to her hometown of Chesapeake; she thought he was a friend. Her … Read More