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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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student life

Dean Rucker recognized by Richmond Public Schools

March 21, 2019 |

Staff Writer
Now, Cedric Rucker, the associate vice president and dean of Student Life, is among those who have been recognized by Richmond Public Schools’ (RPS) Influential African-American and RPS Alumni list. Read More

An eagle experience: the dining hall difference

September 3, 2015 |


The hustle and bustle patterns of campus have changed drastically this
year with the addition of the newly opened University Center.
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What I wish I had known during my freshman year

September 3, 2015 |


Whether the University of Mary Washington was your first choice
college, or whether it seems like a good place to bide time until you
can transfer elsewhere, it is probably in your best interest to make
the most of your time here.
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Club Carnival introduces students to a diverse and enthusiastic student body

September 2, 2015 |


Ball Circle bustled as new and returning students flocked around club
tables during this semester’s Club Carnival, all eager to find new
clubs to join on the swelteringly hot August evening.Read More

Letter: Suspension of rugby team ignores issue, prevents ‘teachable moment’

April 1, 2015 |

I am writing today, as a recent alumna, to share my thoughts on the recent disbanding of the Mother’s Rugby team. It is important that I make myself clear when I say I am not for or against either “side,” … Read More

Letter: BOV must prioritize affordability

April 1, 2015 |

Dear UMW Board of Visitors,

We write to you as a group of students from across the university deeply concerned about the Board’s plans to sharply increase tuition and fees for next year.Read More

UPC hosts campus wide talent show

April 1, 2015 |


University of Mary Washington students cheered on as friends danced, sang and performed tricks at the first ever “Mary Wash’s Got Talent” competition hosted by the University Programming Council.Read More

UMW on of top 25 universities for four-year graduation rates

March 26, 2015 |


The University of Mary Washington was ranked 18th in the top 25 public colleges from which students graduate within a four-year period by a recent Money Magazine study conducted through the U.S. Department of Education.Read More

Letter: In times of turmoil, administration should rise up and students must not turn on one another

March 25, 2015 |

As a body of under 4,000 students, the University of Mary Washington is truly something that is unique in Virginia. Walking under the same rain-washed bricks, in tune with the cycles of exam-induced stress and unfolding with close friends on ball circle, our university represents the ideal of community.Read More

BOV rejects creation of subcommittee on divestment

March 19, 2015 |


On Wednesday, March 18, the University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors voted to deny the creation of a subcommittee to investigate university divestment from fossil fuels. Read More

Commencement speaker for class of 2015 announced

March 19, 2015 |


Fredericksburg native, Pamela E. Bridgewater was named as the commencement speaker for the University of Mary Washington’s 2015 graduating class.Read More

SAE implements new umbrella system for programming clubs

March 19, 2015 |


In the most recent in a series of changes to be implemented during the 2015-16 academic year, the Office of Student Activities and Engagement at the University of Mary Washington is implementing a new “umbrella system” with the goal of more easily organizing the funding of specific programming clubs.Read More

Puppy Raisers continue to promote club on campus

March 18, 2015 |


Canine Companion International (CCI), or better known on campus as the CCI Puppy Raisers club is still going strong at the University of Mary Washington this semester.Read More

Locks changed in University Apartments without warning to residents

February 25, 2015 |


At the start of the spring semester, senior Erin Clark discovered that the lock to her balcony door at the University of Mary Washington University Apartments had been changed. Read More

Students express concern over snow decisions

February 19, 2015 |

Students flocked to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the University of Mary Washington’s decision to remain open for classes two hours late on Wednesday, Feb. 18, rather than close for the day.
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Student employees weigh in on new paperless payroll system

February 18, 2015 |


Student opinions are in on MyTime, the new paperless payroll system at the University of Mary Washington.Read More

Campus celebrates day off with snow-filled activities

February 17, 2015 |

With a snow covered campus and classes cancelled for the day, University of Mary Washington students hit the hills for a day of fun and winter activities. Students welcomed the snow day on Tuesday, Feb. 17 by using the unexpected day off to catch up on studying or play in the snow.
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A divided campus achieves nothing

February 11, 2015 |


Following the brutal terror attacks in France, Secretary of State John Kerry went to Paris along with singer James Taylor to show solidarity through a performance of his famous song, “You’ve Got a Friend.”
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Intramural Battleship sinks competition

February 11, 2015 |


In just its second year on the University of Mary Washington intramural sports slate, Battleship once again made a big splash this semester.
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Residential nursing program receives confirmation

February 10, 2015 |


Incoming students to the University of Mary Washington will now have access to a new four year nursing program set to begin this fall semester. Read More

Epic Super Bowl sparks buzz on campus

February 5, 2015 |


It did not matter how much air was in the footballs at the University of Phoenix Stadium this past Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won the biggest game of the year 28-24, but for some reason nobody can stop talking about Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.Read More

Editorial: Open debate must always remain respectful and constructive

February 5, 2015 |


At The Blue & Gray Press, we love to see the university community engage in the discussion of vital issues on our campus. We also love seeing these important conversations take place on our website in response to our articles. Whether positive or negative, constructive criticism is a large aspect of journalism that all journalists understand and come to appreciate. In addition, this editorial board enjoys getting letters to the editor and op-eds about issues the student body and university community find important. The discussions that take place in the comments can be constructive, informative and sometimes eye-opening. While this is true, we would also like to remind everyone that the University’s Statement of Community Values is something that applies on our website, whether anonymous or not.Read More

Op-Ed: Attacks against Feminists United will not stop fight for change

February 4, 2015 |


The University of Mary Washington is not a feminist-friendly campus. I acknowledge that by putting forth this statement I open the metaphorical floodgates for criticism, backlash and general opposition. I make this statement so that direct and lasting action can be taken in moving forward. I do so confidently, despite knowing I will not personally experience many of the positives to come. Because of this, I have been asked, “Why do you do it?” The answer is simple. I love the University of Mary Washington. Read More

Redesign of First Year Experience seeks to bring students together

February 4, 2015 |


As part of collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the First Year Experience will be changing for the class of 2019.

Associate Provost Timothy O’Donnell, Vice President of Student Affairs Doug Searcy and Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan Keith Mellinger are creating a new First Year Experience that will combine the first year seminar course, common interests, academic advising, peer mentoring and residential communities.Read More

UMW wins more recognition for green initiatives

January 29, 2015 |


The University of Mary Washington has once again earned recognition for its on-campus green initiatives as a recipient of the 2014 Green Travel Leader Award. The award is given in recognition of several environmentally friendly programs enacted throughout … Read More

Editorial: Time for greater investment in students

January 29, 2015 |


The Blue & Gray Press reported last week that current on-campus construction projects are on track to be completed on schedule. The article also discussed some of the features of the new buildings, which are exciting and will surely be welcomed by future classes.Read More

Winter carnival warms up Lee Hall

January 21, 2015 |


The University of Mary Washington kicked off the semester by warming up Lee hall with the annual Winter Carnival.

The University Programming Council, in collaboration with Cheap Seats and Class Council, hosted this year’s Carnival.

Students packed … Read More

Construction continues on campus

January 21, 2015 |


Construction work on the new University Center and the Woodard Campus Center/Mercer Hall project is continuing as planned despite the cold January temperatures. According to Richard Pearce, vice president for administration and finance at the University of … Read More

Letter to the Editor: Apathy and Atrophy at UMW

November 20, 2014 |

It seems like over the past four years I’ve been at the University of Mary Washington has become stricken by a disease, a cancer. I’m not sure if it is internal to the students, faculty, or the administration, but what is for sure is that it is causing more than a fair share of issues at UMW. Read More