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The Blue & Gray Press | May 26, 2018

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Tess Osmer

Political perspectives vary too much to be contained in a bipartisan system

February 15, 2018 |


Contributing Writer

While growing up, we were always told that at dinner parties and social events, there are three topics one should never mention: politics, religion and money. These days, however, it has become popular to crusade for our opinions in regards to all three.Read More

Uplifting playlist for cold and lonely winter months

November 16, 2017 |


Contributing Writer

As the temperature outside dips into the 30s and we all wish we were on the beach sipping on margaritas or whatever… we’re not.Read More

Electro Acoustic Barndance brings unique variety of talent to UMW

December 1, 2016 |


Concert 1

There were no “sweat britches,” as Dr. Mark Snyder of the Music Department at the University Mary Washington calls newly trending ‘sweat-pant- shorts.’ There were, however, a lot of black- framed glasses and plaid button … Read More

Student finds a new home in hipster nook, Greens and Grains

December 1, 2016 |


While I’ve been home, I have been realizing how much time I have to accomplish tasks, read or listen to music and write, which took me awhile to understand.

On Sunday, Nov. 27, I was on a … Read More

Trump Presidency: a relief to some, shock to others

November 10, 2016 |


I was sitting in a friend’s apartment awaiting the 2016 presidential election results. We, a group of about 10 University of Mary Washington students, were taking over rugs, couches, chairs, and sitting silent in disbelief.

It was … Read More

Senior Playlist: for the student that needs inspiration

November 9, 2016 |


We all go to college to broaden our minds and our horizons. I am so happy, even though I do not particularly enjoy being at the University of Mary Washington, that I have gotten my education here. It’s been such a liberating experience meeting the people, the instructors and being in the environment that surrounds UMW.Read More

The changing political landscape in Congress

November 3, 2016 |


In 2012, the GOP released “The Growth and Opportunity Report,” in which the Republican Party noted its goals for the future of the party. “The GOP today is a tale of two parties,” it reads, “the gubernatorial wing,” which is “growing and successful” and the other, “the federal wing,” which is “increasingly marginalizing itself…”Read More

Electronic music class showcases the art of masking sounds

October 13, 2016 |


With frizzy white hair, a plaid short sleeve shirt and what I am pretty sure were cotton sweat- pant-like shorts, Dr. Mark Snyder, assistant professor of music at the University of Mary Washington, welcomed a small audience to the first performance of his Electronic Music class in Pollard Hall, on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Read More

Senior Playlist: for the burnt out and stressed student

October 6, 2016 |


It is already October, the leaves are falling and it’s finally getting a little bit colder. Even though it is pretty early in the semester, I am about ready to drop out. If the ideas of upcoming midterms and eventual finals are making you panic, I have five noteworthy songs to help you keep your chin up.Read More

November what? American politics in a world view

October 5, 2016 |


While walking to class Tuesday morning, campus chatter focused mainly on the first Presidential debate the previous evening. “How did we get stuck with Trump and Hillary of all the candidates,” my classmates deplored.

Read More

Burkini ban blurs the boundary of secular traditions in France

September 15, 2016 |


I remember the first day I woke up in Rome like it was yesterday. My eyes brightly popped open to the sound of my sister’s only t-shirt hitting the wooden floor of our rented apartment as it swung off the clothesline. Megan, my older sister, had lost all of her luggage for my family’s week-long stay in Rome in July of 2007 and she took it like a champ. Her only outfit had been thrown in the wash the minute we got to the apartment late in the afternoon the day before.Read More

Plugged In: Abstract music brings new ideas to the table

November 5, 2015 |


We all know her, in the form of a sister or a daughter who idolizes her, a boyfriend who thinks she’s attractive or even by ourselves as we dance to her hypnotic beats. For she is the one and only Taylor Swift, standing for the young girls of America as she belts her circular lyrics about men and painful romantic experiences.Read More

Republican candidates lack confident voice, leaving Democrats to shine

October 29, 2015 |

At the edge of our seats, we sit in our liberal arts classes as our professors hammer the importance of critical thought and discussion. We constantly hear of our peer’s admiration for Bernie Sanders, who, in my opinion is just a real-life Carl Frederickson, the old man from Disney’s “Up,” and their absolute disgust of Donald Trump, a billionaire that has nothing to lose, making it his mission to oust the Republican Party for being outdated and having an ignorant mentality.Read More

Plugged In: Music that speaks to the senses

September 16, 2015 |


A common routine for many students on college campuses is the unraveling of headphones, as they walk to class, from class and transition to different activities throughout the day.Read More

Top ten summer songs to keep you on your toes

April 23, 2015 |


The 2015 “Top-Ten Summer Songs” charts are about to come out and I know if you are anything like me, you have your ears against the radio in anticipation. Read More

Plugged In: EDM

April 2, 2015 |


I always love music that tells a lyrical story. It is the reason we all plug into our phones, computers and iPads: to connect and relate to something on the other end.Read More

Plugged In: Tunes to help you tune out

February 17, 2015 |


Pause and plug in those ear buds or reach for your beats, I have something to show you. That is if chill, layered music sounds like something you would be interested in.

I … Read More

Plugged in: Music that takes you on a journey

January 21, 2015 |


Every artist has at least one song in their arsenal that is a true wild card, but it is artists that draw from multiple genres and create music that is innovative, layered and unique that become timeless. … Read More

Divest UMW kicks off '100 Days of Action' campaign

October 6, 2014 |

Divest UMW came together yesterday to kick off what they’re calling a ‘100 Days of Action’ campaign. Read More