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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2019

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That’s What She Said…

That's What She Said: With Personal Tastes, Keep Judgement to Yourself

September 29, 2010 |

“It’s so bad it’s good.”

“Oh…I don’t know how that got there. No, seriously. I swear.”

“She’s my guilty pleasure.”

Riiiight. How many times have you heard that while you were looking through someone’s iPod and something out of place … Read More

That’s what she said

March 31, 2010 |

According to the Fredericksburg municipal code, UMW commuter students aren’t allowed to park on the streets surrounding campus.

Students are prohibited from parking anywhere from Stafford Ave. to Kenmore Ave. and Hanover St. to Grove Ave., meaning that if you … Read More

That’s what she said

March 10, 2010 |

I thought for sure everyone at my roommate’s birthday party would find my homemade “JonBenet had a bitchy face?” shirt hilarious.

I was wrong.

Admittedly, I’m not always a beacon of good judgment and I’ve been known to take jokes … Read More

That’s what she said

February 10, 2010 |

The consensus seems to be that everyone is tired of snow. Poor Virginians who flock to the supermarkets to clean the shelves of milk and bread in anticipation of the usual light dusting of snow have had all their worst … Read More

That’s what she said

January 27, 2010 |

As I enter the second semester of my junior year of college, I am beginning to realize I am somehow less excited about this semester.

The first week of classes came as any other,  and as I went through my … Read More

That’s what she said

September 30, 2009 |

By Kaitlin Mayhew

Fall is here. The showering of cold rain I was caught in earlier on the way to class made me blissfully aware of that fact. And I’m not being sarcastic. I actually do like the rain, and … Read More

That’s what she said…

April 22, 2009 |


The “morning after” will be a little less stressful from now on. Or at least for a select group of 17-year-old girls it will be.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to loosen restrictions … Read More

That’s what she said

March 19, 2009 |


“You look stupid.” “You look incredible.” “Beautiful.” “Quasi-hooker.” I also received “that’s so awesome, yes!” and an “alien Marilyn Monroe.” One man robustly walked up to me, stood and stared blankly for about 45 seconds, then walked … Read More

That’s what she said

February 5, 2009 |


Last Friday, the senior class began counting down 100 days until graduation. It began with a Class Council-sponsored poker night, which I was told would serve alcohol but was disappointed to find did not.

Luckily, I … Read More

That's What She Said

January 22, 2009 |

By Brittany DeVries

African praise songs derive from a tradition where one celebrates the life, actions, inspirations, and work of another man or woman. Elizabeth Alexander, an African American author and poet, made a very bold attempt to praise our … Read More

That’s What She Said

October 23, 2008 |


Presidential candidates Senator Barack Obama of the Democratic Party, and Senator John McCain of the Republican Party, met for their third and final debate last Wednesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

Before I started watching … Read More

That's What She Said

August 28, 2008 |

By Kaitlin Mayhew

Moving into a first apartment should be an exciting time, full of paint colors and poster sales, not police reports and scary multiple door bell 9 am wake up calls. Alas, the last month of my life … Read More

That's What She Said…

March 27, 2008 |


With graduation a little more than a month away, reflecting on my college experience has become a daily, eh, hourly activity.

Talks with friends no longer include mindless gossip or plans for the weekend; my future is … Read More

That's What She Said…

March 13, 2008 |


The end of the world is coming…if you choose to believe J.J. Abrams or The History Channel.  And here’s the thing: I do.

Abrams is amazing (see “Lost” and “Alias”) and The History Channel has a pretty … Read More

That's What She Said…

February 28, 2008 |


With Spring Break only days away, I’m sure most everyone already has their plans set in stone.  But just in case you are debating over whether to hitch a ride to Panama City or head on one … Read More

That's What She Said…

February 21, 2008 |


Now that all you football fans have had your end of the season celebration, it is my turn to enjoy a weekend match up between two differently attired teams.

…it’s time for the battle of the best … Read More

That's What She Said…

February 14, 2008 |


I recently became brutally aware of the craze creeping over every home with an 11-year-old girl: Hannah Montana.

No, I wasn’t living under a rock last year.  I just failed to realize just how huge the phenomenon … Read More

That's What She Said…

February 7, 2008 |


Forget candle lit dinners, romantic love letters and cuddle time with your boyfriend.  Technology has taken the place of basic human interaction.

I never had a problem with video games until I realized how many male college … Read More

That's What She Said

January 31, 2008 |

By Mary Ryan Richardson

Most people who go to Houston’s go to dance and to have a good time, not to feel uncomfortable and awkward. It is a mystery to me what guys really think is going to happen … Read More

That's What She Said

January 24, 2008 |

By Kay Boatner This past Sunday was a significant day for me.  No, not because of the freezing temperatures or because the New York Giants joined the New England Patriots as this year’s competitors in the Super Bowl. On Sunday, … Read More

That's What She Said

December 6, 2007 |

By Tierney McAffee

I <3 the 80s (but only cause I have to) Ah, the 80s, our mother decade.  Most of us 80s babies—along with the rest of the country—look back in shame at the era that birthed us.  And … Read More

That's What She Said…

November 8, 2007 |

MEGAN GRIGORIAN All Country, No Rock ‘n’ Roll

This campus is in a serious music crisis.  According to Facebook, the top music selection among Mary Wash students is as followed: 1. Tim McGraw 2. Rascal Flatts 3. Country I know … Read More

That's What She Said…

November 1, 2007 |


Going from birds chirping and sun shining to “I found your t-shirt; let me know if you want me to drop it off while you’re not home” is never easy.  But there are better ways … Read More

That's What She Said…

October 25, 2007 |


Last Thursday, God visited UMW to remind us that all pro-choicers, gays, and porno fans are going to hell. No, wait.  It wasn’t God; it was just the Life and Liberty Ministries, a group of people who somehow … Read More

That's What She Said…

October 4, 2007 |


Carnal Cravings

As anyone with a can of whipped cream and a willing partner well knows, food and sex go together like Lindsay and rehab. But just when you thought food fetishes couldn’t get any freakier, a new … Read More