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The Blue & Gray Press | April 24, 2018

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Students react to United controversy

April 20, 2017 |


On April 9, 2017, O’Hare International Airport police forcibly had removed passenger David Dao from United Flight 3411 after he refused to exit the airplane upon the demand of management. Dao screamed as officers pulled him out of his seat, and his face hit an armrest during the struggle.Read More

Facebook Wastes Limited Time

September 29, 2010 |

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend, or should I say waste, using the computer? If you’re anything like me, the answer is entirely too much. If I spent half as much time being productive … Read More

Susannigans: Time is the Only Antidote for Awkwardness

November 18, 2009 |

Three years ago, I bought $30 worth of LifeSavers.

First semester freshman year, in my intro to lit. class, there was a boy. He was smart, quirky and his favorite book was “American Psycho.” We sat next to each other … Read More

Arsonist Avoids Jail Time

February 7, 2008 |


A University of Mary Washington freshman avoided jail time after being held in custody and charged with arson in connection with a Nov. 2 dorm fire that destroyed another student’s door in Alvey Hall.

First year student … Read More