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Downtown Food and Fun

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By Kaitlin Mayhew

Hyperion: A short walk down William St. for the best coffee in town. Just be sure to have cash.

Sammy T’s: Caroline St. Great if you are a vegetarian, or trying to eat healthy, or just like food and are tired of campus fodder.

Bangkok Café: Caroline. Good Thai.

The Griffin: Caroline St. Adorable little book shop with an extensive coffee bar inside.

Here and Abroad: Best kept secret  downtown. Serves a variety of dishes from incredible sandwiches to delectable chocolate mousse. Behind Hyperion.

Rappahannock River: The river is very scenic and at places very shallow, great for wading or just cooling off.

The Wounded Bookshop: A historic locale and bookstore in one! Located on Amelia St., it holds events like film festivals and book readings through the Fredericksburg Athenaeum.

Canal Walk: Scenic and enjoyable on a day with nice weather.

Sorry Mom Tattoo: 18 and ready to rebel? This tattoo parlor, on Caroline St., will do the job. Spark Plug Tattoo is also good, and just around the corner.

Jake and Mike’s: Extremely close to campus on William St. across from the Texaco. They take EagleOne dollars. Best for lunch though, dinner items can get a little pricey.

Carl’s Ice Cream: Princess Anne St. Famous in Fredericksburg and loved by all. Carl’s is a longer trek, on Princess Anne St., but most locals will tell you it’s worth the walk.

Fortune’s Chinese Restaurant: Caroline St. The best Chinese food in town, featuring well-known Volcanoes, mixed alcoholic drinks that are delicious, fruity, enormous, and drank with a foot-long straw.

Goolrick’s Pharmacy: This is no CVS. Goolrick’s, Caroline St., is an authentically old-fashioned pharmacy that provides not only medication but also amazing malts and  milkshakes.

Renato’s Ristorante: Authentic Italian food, pure and simple. Good if you’re in the mood for a more elegant experience, though the check will be pricier.

Riverby’s Bookstore: Caroline St. A great place to buy used books with an inexpensive and extensive selection for every taste and interest.

The Olde Towne Tobacconist: Pipes, loose tobacco, cigars, and a landmark wooden Indian statue outside on Caroline St. Inside, the staff will show you a wide array of tobacco products for all tastes and budgets.

The Free Store: Free Stuff. On Caroline St. This Saturday.

J. Brian’s Pub and Tap Room: Cool pub with great food and a kitchy atmosphere. If you’re 21, enjoy the classic rock jukebox and great draft beers in the adjoining bar.

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