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Wait, What Happened?

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Porn in Arizona

Many of you may have heard a rumor going around regarding the Super Bowl. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with any players, scandals, bad calls by referees or two coaches who were at one point of up for the same job cursing at each other during a post-game handshake.

Instead, it was about TV programming in Tucson, Arizona. A city who logically would be rooting for the Arizona Cardinals and whose citizens probably got very excited when they saw Larry Fitzgerald catch a ball on a slant and take it to the house putting their team in the lead with just two minutes and 37 seconds left on the clock.
With a possible first Super Bowl victory in sight for the Cardinals franchise imagine how people felt when they thought they were watching a could-be funny commercial when instead they see full frontal male nudity on their big screen TVs.

After Fitzgerald caught his touchdown, an “isolated malicious act,” as described by the cable company in the Arizona Daily Star, occurred that transmitted the pornographic movie into TV sets all over the Tucson area.

Christian Academy Falters

In mid-January an apology was issued to the Dallas Academy, a high school in Texas, by The Covenant School, a Christian school in Dallas. After a 100-0 blowout over Dallas Academy’s women’s basketball team, The Covenant School is now looking to forfeit the victory to Dallas Academy due to poor sportsmanship and improper representation of a Christian academy.

Because there are only 20 girls total that attend the Dallas Academy, the basketball team was slim pickins.

Just days after the game, Covenant School coach Micah Grimes was fired after he would not apologize for the way that his team played.

Signing Day Scandal

Sunday marked a disturbing day in college football history. On Feb. 1, 2008, in Ferndale, Nev. Kevin Hart, a senior offensive lineman for Fernley High School, called together a large press conference in his high school gym so that he could announce which division 1 college he would be playing football at.

Hart sat at a desk by himself and excited crowds when he grabbed the University of California hat and thrusted it upon his head, leaving the University of Oregon hat alone on the desk.

The problem? Hart was not only not recruited by either of these two schools; no D-1 school in the country bothered recruiting him at all, except for Nevada, whose interest faded quickly.

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