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Faulty Ballots Lead to Revote

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The class of 2010 was scheduled to elect their Judicial Review Board representative on Mon, Feb 9, but due to technical problems with the ballot, the election was postponed until the following day.

“There was a technical mishap in the sending of the ballotwhich caused it to go out to many people it shouldn’t have,” senior Nick Perilla, Board president, said.

Only students with junior class credits, 60-89 credits, should have received the ballot, but due to the glitch, non-juniors were able to vote along with the junior class.

Perilla explained that once the problem was identified, the survey was taken down and its results discarded.

According to Perilla, the glitch shouldn’t have affected the number of students who voted the second time the ballot was sent out.

“This was a rather minor bump which was quickly resolved,” Perilla said.

The results of the second ballot should accurately reflect the vote of the class of 2010 for the new representative.

An electronic ballot problem similar to this this has never presented itself before in a UMW election, but the issue was identified quickly and the problem solved, before inaccurate results were included in official tallies.

Nicholas Scott and Alex Dearth ran for the position of JRB representative for the class of 2010.

A new survey was sent Tues., Feb. 10 only to members of the class of 2010 and the class’s new Board representative will be announced should be announced today, Feb. 12.

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