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Dress drag

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Twenty-four hours before the glamorous 81st Annual Academy Awards, PRISM (People for the Rights of Individuals of Sexual Minorities), the University of Mary Washington’s Gay-Straight Alliance staged their own glamorous show. Feb. 21, at 8:00 p.m. the 8th Annual Drag Show in Great Hall began.

It is one of the most well-attended functions PRISM puts on. This year was no different, and it was exceptionally well attended.

The performers had innuendo-laced names such as Eric Shun and Bobby Cruise, Ben Doverbitch and Hermaphrodite, Diktation, Gabby D, and Julian Wood. The host, Coleman Clark, was dressed perfectly in a get-up inspired by Lady Gaga, complete with her signature leotard. In fact, his hosting skills were impeccable; he played with the audience and really drew them into the show. He asked for the best pick-up line and then rewarded the champion with Doc Johnson’s Good Head Oral Delight Gel.

Not Coleman or any of the other acts showed the slightest bit of stage fright. Every performer seemed as though they had put at least a couple hours worth of work and creative thinking into the costuming, the dancing, and learning the lyrics.

Not all acts were solo or duets. There was one group, Diktation, who performed ‘NSync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me,” complete with the famous dance routine shown in the well-known music video. This was a huge crowd pleaser; in fact, almost every performer received dollar bills from crowd members who wanted to show just how pleased they were with the performances.

The judges sat parallel to the stage and watched the fabulously entertaining, yet unconventional show unfold. Nicolette Nelson, Teddy Minniear, and Samantha West were the student judges; Mara Scanlon, associate professor of English, and Keven McCluskey, associate professor of theatre and dance, were faculty judges.

In between performers, Yuna Lee told the crowd about The BREAKDOWN which showcased the talents of Eagle Bhangra, the Latin Dance Club, the Performing Arts Club, and The Breakers. The Breakers were promoting and encouraging donations to support the building of a library in Honduras.

A few more performances went by, including versions of “My Dick” and “It’s Not Unusual” until the judges were persuaded into choosing their champ. Gabby D’s interpretations of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” and Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” won the judges over and he was named the winner.

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