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Election Recalled

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At an emergency hearing of the Judicial Review Board early Wednesday morning, student judicial representatives ruled that last week’s Honor Council elections were invalid due to candidate violations.
This decision followed a student appeal regarding a decision made by the Election Rules and Procedures Committee of the Student Government Association to not re-hold elections. The JRB overturned this decision, and as a result, the Honor Council elections must be re-held.
Junior James Martin, who won the election, as well juniors Sarah Payne and Paul Dolan, who were also ran for the position, will have to participate in another election.
According to senior Nick Perilla, president of the JRB, the student government constitution states that the elections must be re-held within five class days of the decision.
“We brought together the person who made the appeal as well as the committee,” Perilla said. “We didn’t give them any time limitations and let them make their cases. What was ultimately decided was that there were enough grounds to hold another election.”
As of now, the date of the new election has not been set.
Senior Sean O’Brien is the president of the UMW student government. While he does not have a role in the election process, his concerns are chiefly that the process be carried out in a way that is fair and does not reflect poorly on the student government.
“The concern is that you want to have a fair election,” O’Brien said. “This needs to be dealt with in a way that is fair and doesn’t damage the credibility of the student government.”
Current election results for all positions except Honor Council President are available on pg. 11.

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