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‘Korean thanksgiving’ celebrated

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The students from the Korean exchange student program threw a ‘Chusok’ or Korean Day

celebration in the Red Room on Oct. 5.

The exchange program director, Esther Yook, and students Jiyoung Kim and Chaerin Jung led the event. The attendees played Korean games and ate traditional dishes like rice cakes, Kimbap, Jobchae, Dheokbok-i, and more. There were also presentations about Chusok which according to exchange student Jiwon Youm is a big holiday in Korea, like Thanksgiving in the U.S.
“This day is for celebrating a rich harvest in fall,” he said.

This was the third Chusok the Korean Exchange Program has thrown, and Youm believes there will be one next year as well.

All are welcome to attend this traditional Korean celebration and enjoy good food, games, dancing, crafts, and activities.

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