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Letter to the Editor: Students Are Not Denied Escorts

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Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to your editorial in last week’s Bullet in which you stated that some students have reported that escorts were requested but never provided.  I have two concerns with the fact that this statement was made.  First, no one contacted Campus Police to ask what their experience was relative to this issue and, second, based on what has been reported to me, no student has ever been denied an escort.  The only instance that might come close to being understood as a denial is when a student calls during daylight hours to request an escort and may be told that a campus police officer is willing to walk with them to their destination if they feel threatened.  There have also been instances where an escort request was made but the student left where they were before the officer arrived.  No one was ever denied an escort.
This is an important issue because, this year, more than any other time in my history here the escort service is being heavily used and promoted by everyone associated with campus safety.  The last thing we need is a feeling among students or their families that the service doesn’t work as advertised.
One final point.  The escort service was established as a safety feature of the campus meaning it is designed to escort students who are frightened to walk to their destination for whatever reason.  It is not a taxi service.

Rick Hurley
Executive Vice-president

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