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Local Comics Thrive on Thrills of Stand-Up

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Marquis Jeter, a stand-up comic from Richmond, Va., was surprised by the success of Comedy Night last Wednesday, Nov. 4 at Bailey’s Pub and Grille in Fredericksburg.

“It was a good time with people willing to listen to comedy,” Jeter said. “It’s the World Series, but they’re in there laughing.”

Jeter preformed alongside other Virginia-based comics John Smith, Keith Irvin, and Alex Scott, who have preformed in clubs across the country.  Adam Dodd, a local musical comedian who started his career in Fredericksburg, hosted the show.

The comics performed stand-up that included jokes ranging from one-liners to modern reference spoofs with interjections of Dodd’s unique musical humor between acts. Adam Dodd’s musical comedy included a song about the mistake of a drunken night and a tribute to Jeff Irwin.

When asked why he chose improvisational comedy, Jeter said that “you stick to what you come to the stage with, but I’m not doing my job if I’m not bringing in the crowd.”

The belly laughs brought on by Jeter’s modern reference comedy, which included an ironically friendly joke relating to breast cancer awareness month, proved his mantra true.

“You’ve got to play into wherever you’re at,” Jeter said. “There’s a difference between a bar room and a comedy club and it’s not easy, but that’s good improv.”

The crowd was full of college students and young adults looking for laughs and inspiration, but, as Dodd pointed out, even with an eager crowd, comedy is difficult.

“Going through the open mics, the no-laughs, the three people in the audience and the hecklers, it’s tough,” Dodd said.

Both Jeter and Dodd can be found on Facebook and encourage anyone looking for laughs to attend one of their shows. Dodd performs at many downtown venues and will be at Smokey Bones Barbeque and Grill on Nov. 20.  Join in and enjoy the laughs because as Dodd pointed out, “if you can find humor in anything the world is a better place.”

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