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Cafe should not be missed

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By Ashley Jacoby and Katelyn Hill

Understated, is the best word to describe the Caroline Street Café and Catering. Hiding behind the modest exterior and side entrance is a gem of a restaurant on William Street in downtown Fredericksurg Caroline Street Café and Catering has been open for five years. The chef and owner, Shane Sheaffer, graduated from the J.S.R. Culinary School in Richmond, Virginia. He and his wife Angela run the café themselves.

They have made this café welcoming to those of all ages and ranging pallets.

They are best known for their White Chicken Chili, Rosemary Encrusted Top Round, Nappa Cabbage Salad, and Chocolate Confusion Brownie. All these specials are under eight dollars-a pretty good deal for the starving college student.

There is a large variety of salads and sandwiches available, accommodating both those who are vegetarians and meat-lovers. All of their entrées are full of fresh vegetables and delectable meats and cheeses, certainly something for everybody.

Only $7.25, is the price tag for a half cup of soup and ½ a sandwich or salad, so you can taste a little bit of everything.

After sampling the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich and Chicken Salad sandwich, it was very apparent that Chef Sheaffer knows how to keep you coming back for more.

Senior Lindsay Hobbs, has worked at the café for four years. “Great food and service”, she reports, have kept her a happy employee as well as consumer.

Not only does the Caroline Street Café have a delicious menu, they also have a “coffee cubby” which provides a warm and inviting place for students to study and socialize with their peers. Smoothies, Stewarts Soda, and an assortment of teas are included in this coffee area, located at the front of the café.

This eclectic café also has beautiful art throughout the venue. The art changes throughout the year and the artist’s have multiple pieces displayed in the café. The art is not just for aesthetics, but is for sale, too.

On Saturday, Dec. 5, during the Fredericksburg Annual Holiday Parade, the Caroline Street Café will be serving food and drink for those shivering in the cold.

Reservations are welcome but not required. The café is small, so it probably is a good idea to get there early on a Friday or Saturday night for dinner.

The café also does catering both on and offsite for accommodating prices.

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