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Police Beat-Jan. 26 to Feb. 1

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Jan. 26- The UMW police received a report of stolen academic regalia from George Washington Hall, Room 211, an office in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. The regalia has an estimated value of $300.

Jan. 26- A UMW student reported the theft of approximately $110 from her wallet. The student believes the money was stolen in Goolrick Hall outside the dance studios.

Jan. 27- The Head Resident Assistant of Mason Hall requested police assistance with an adminstrative search of a room. The HR had received a call from one her residents that there was a suspicion of illegal substances in one of the rooms. Residence Life searched the room, with the consent of the residents. Staff found alcohol violations and are handling the situation.

Jan. 27- The UMW police and the Fredericksburg fire department responded to a gas leak at the University Apartments. They found a small amount of natural gas escaping from a leak around the rim of a pipe. After finding the leak, they called Columbia Gas Company to make a repair. The gas company fully corrected the problem within half an hour of arriving at the apartments and no threat to life or property existed at any time, according to police.
Jan. 28- A student reported that two of her checks were cashed which she had not cashed herself. A police investigation continues.

Jan. 31- Police responded to Ball Hall after a student reported that she had been hit by another female student with a walking cane, which is by law, an assault. Though the student who made the complaint said she was not injured in the incident, she said it caused her alarm. She said being hit with the cane created a sense of not feeling entirely safe in the presence of the other student. UMW Police made an administrative referral.

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