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'Jersey Shore' Returns For Season 2

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America’s favorite beach-going party crew is confirmed to return for a second season of  MTV’s hit television show, “Jersey Shore,” this summer. All cast-members have agreed to film 12 new episodes at an undisclosed “warm” location where their newest series of dramatic events will unfold.

Some rumors alleged that the show’s most popular break-out stars like Nicole “SnookiePolizzi, Paul “Pauly D” Delvecchio, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino would be receiving more money per episode than the other cast members.  However, those rumors were debunked after OK! Magazine announced on January 30 that the cast members had purportedly agreed on an equal $10,000 each per episode.

The show has sparked some controversy, taking hits for perpetuating Italian stereotypes. Some advertisers even stopped backing the show after a controversial bar fight in which Nicole “SnookiePolizzi was punched in the face by a man. The show’s popularity amongst young viewers, however, has ensured its continuation.

The show’s real draw is the crazy antics of the housemates who try and live up to their reputation as club-going twenty-somethings. From fights on the boardwalk, fights in the clubs, and fights in the house — the show is never short on insane behavior from the various members of the house.

The cast has been making their rounds of late night talk shows from The Tonight Show, The Jay Leno Show, and even Chelsea Lately. A number of viral video parodies of the show have also appeared on the Internet.  The cast has even joined in on the action-poking fun at themselves in a variety of skits.

There’s been buzz that the show could be set anywhere from Sea Isle, N.J. to Miami, Fla. or even Las Vegas as the new setting for the second season. “They might blend in too much in Miami. My hope is that they take the show someplace really boring and dull so the cast can add some excitement to their new surroundings,” said Sophomore Juliet Taylor.

Wherever the returning cast does end up, the same drama and action are sure to follow.

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