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Hurley Named as Acting President

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The Board of Visitors announced that Rick Hurley will serve as acting president in the transition between Judy Hample and the yet unnamed president who will replace her.

Hurley, executive vice president, will start on April 1 and will act as president until June 30, adding a sense of stability to the university in a time of transition.

“At the executive level, I’m the senior person and as the chief financial officer, I’m more familiar with the inner workings…than any other VP,” Hurley said.

The announcement came after a BOV executive committee meeting yesterday.

Judy Hample originally announced that she would be resigning as of July 1, but last Monday said she would be stepping down as of April 1 instead.

“I look forward to working with him,” Nanalou Sauder, rector of the BOV, said.

This is not the first time Hurley has served as acting president.

He filled the position in the interim between William Frawley and Judy Hample from April 2007 to June 2008.

“I feel a lot more confident and less nervous this time,” Hurley said.

Hurley said his primary goal during his three months as acting president will be to work with faculty on the establishment of the new colleges of education and business, as well as address the university’s reaccreditation process.

In addition to working as acting president, Hurley will continue his duties as executive vice president.

“I rely heavily on Rick Pearce [the associate vice president of business and finance],” he said.

Hurley said he wants students to look for him on-campus.

“I do plan on getting out and being seen,” he said.

Hurley will be at commencement in May, shaking hands with students.

“This will be my third commencement,” he said. “They’re fun. I enjoy it.”

Hurley postponed his retirement after Hample announced her resignation. But, he said he doesn’t know if he will stay after his term as acting president.

“I love Mary Washington,” he said. “If I can help out, that’s what I’m willing to do.”

Now, the attention turns to the search for a president, who will start July 1.

Sauder said more information about the presidential search will be available at the BOV meeting on April 8-9.

Sauder said alumni and faculty have contacted her regarding the upcoming search.

“They are united in their recommendation not to have another national search,” Sauder said, meaning that the search would be from within UMW or within Virginia.

“We are a well-managed, stable institution with excellent students,” Hurley said. “We have a very bright future ahead of us.”

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