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Sexclamations: Condoms, Condoms, Condoms: the Juicy Details About Good Rubbers

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Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. No glove, no love. Cover your stump before you hump. Put it on to get it on. If you go into heat, package your meat. The right selection will protect your erection. You can’t go wrong if you wrap your dong.

No matter how you say it, using a condom is tremendously important. Some people argue that condoms reduce pleasure. But while condoms may slightly alter the feeling of completely natural sex, one can compensate that difference and double the pleasure with a properly fitted condom.

There are a wide variety of condoms available to suit each couple’s needs. In fact, some condoms enhance sexual experiences. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing condoms: lubrication, fit, scent and texture.

-Lubrication: Although consuming lubricants is not harmful, non-lubricated condoms work well for oral sex. Flavored condoms are great for oral sex, too.  Trustex flavored condoms are safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex. They come in lots of fun flavors, such as banana, strawberry, mint and chocolate.

If you choose to apply your own lube on a non-lubricated condom, be sure to use water-based lube, because oil-based lube can break latex condoms. Likewise, do not use lotion or Vaseline as a lubricant. Recently, Lifestyles and Trojan both debuted condoms that have lubrication on both the inside and out. This creates extra pleasurable sensations for each partner.

Lubrication not only makes for a more pleasurable experience, but also helps the female last longer. For some people, lube can prevent the vagina from drying up too quickly from the friction created during sex. Without lube, long-lasting sex with a condom can irritate the vagina.

-Fit: The snugness of a condom can greatly enhance your sexual experience. Both tighter and loose-fitted condoms can be quite pleasurable in different ways. (A condom should not be so loose that it slips off. By loose, I mean condoms that include extra room for the head of the penis.) The upper section of some condoms have a twisted, bulging area that creates more sensations and friction during intercourse.

On the other hand, tighter, more snug condoms can offer a sexual experience that rivals sex without a condom. If your partner is willing to deal with the tighter grip without cutting off too much circulation, I highly recommend “Lifestyles Snugger Fit” and “Iron Grip Condoms.”

-Scent: I have found that some condom brands smell more potent than others. This can be distracting and unpleasant, both during and after sex. Personally, I do not enjoy having my vagina smell profoundly like a rubber. Neither do I appreciate the smell of condom on my partner’s hands.

Perhaps I have the keen nose of a hound dog and am the only woman who notices the repulsive scent of some condoms. However, if you, too, find the smell of condoms to be revolting, I recommend nearly any condom except Trojan. For some reason, Trojan condoms scream “I reek of unashamed, manly latex condomness!” Beyond Seven and Kimono condoms are both good brands that are not only genuinely unscented, but are also superb, form-fitting thin condoms.

-Texture: Most condom brands offer a ribbed or studded version of their product. Some people find the extra texture and friction to be too abrasive, while others enjoy the added sensations. “Test driving” a few different types can be good to see what suits you and your partner best.

Also related to texture is thinness. Few condoms make one feel as close to their lover as Kimono and Beyond Seven condoms. These Japanese condoms are made of super-thin latex, yet still hold up to the strength of ordinary condoms. If you’re not able to order these online, you can buy condoms of similar thinness and strength made by Lifestyles and Durex at your local drugstore.

If you wish to jazz up your condoms and make them more fun and interesting, there are lots of options. Attaching a vibrating ring is a great way to make wearing a condom more stimulating. Vibrating rings are produced by several condom brands and can usually be purchased at your local drugstore, unlike sex toys and vibrators.

Turn your man’s phallus into a magical, glowing wand with glow-in-the-dark condoms. Colored condoms are also lots of fun. Make sex more humorous with Obama, McCain and Palin condoms from “Protect your wood” and “Drive your balls further” with Tiger Woods condoms.

There are several high quality condom stores online that offer countless types of condom brands and styles. These websites frequently attempt to establish a rating system. While some of the ratings and customer reviews may be accurate and valuable, it is nearly impossible and somewhat unnecessary to label one condom as superior over all others. What matters most is personal preference, proper usage, and effectiveness. If used correctly, any condom will do the job.

Remember that condoms are the only contraceptive that help prevent both pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) when used properly and consistently.

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