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Nore Davis Shakes Up the Underground

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Last week UMW rounded out April Fool’s day by hosting the up-and-coming comedian Nore Davis at the Underground.

Originally scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. that Thursday night, Nore did not arrive until almost an hour later due to traffic complications on I-95. When Davis finally arrived, he immediately launched into his act with opening jokes relating to the traffic he was just in, as well as a few timely jokes about April Fool’s pranks. His brand of adult-themed humor became apparent to the audience upon his explanation of a decent April Fool’s prank involving a girl who “whips out the tittie.”

Nore Davis delivers his comedic act with an ease and calmness reminiscent of veteran comics such as Jim Gaffigan and Louis C.K. This relaxed confidence is complemented by an extremely quick delivery in which Davis would fire off punch-line after punch-line in rapid succession, leaving little room between the end of one joke and the start of another.

The content of Nore Davis’ stand-up is mostly observational humor relating to things that the average person could see in their day-to-day life. Davis has an exquisite ability to finesse the generally touchy subject of race into a very entertaining set of jokes on race relations and current views of race in our society.

A portion of Nore’s set included jokes tailored towards college audiences and dealt with such things as partying, picking a major, and his personal experiences picking up “art girls” at his alma mater, Pratt Institute.

My personal favorite segment of his routine was the impressions he did, specifically the ones of his perpetually stoned roommate who always over-analyzed the relationships of superheroes like Batman, Robin, and the X-men.

If you are into brash, fast-paced comedians who cover everything from childhood experiences to racial humor to college antics, be sure to check out Nore Davis at for some funny sketches, videos, and a list of his upcoming tour dates.

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