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Boy Girl Ratio Makes Mr. Right Hard to Find

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Guest Columnist

Mary Washington has a reputation for being a top-ranked public university and has been described as aesthetically pleasing by both students and residents in the area.

However, what our school appears to lack are eligible men. I think I speak for many ladies when I say that the 65:35 girl-to-boy ratio is just not cutting it.

All too often, we find ourselves talking to an attractive, intelligent and outgoing guy only to discover that he has a long distance relationship with his high school sweetheart back home.

Then you have the opposite extreme: you meet a fun, exciting guy who turns out to have some intense issues with commitment that you just are not ready to tackle. Why then, do we continue to search for “Mr. Right?”

It seems to me that relationships at Mary Washington are much like a long drawn out season of “The Bachelor.” For four years, we find ourselves meeting new people and experiencing new things.

There will always be the he said-she said drama, the sob stories of ex-lovers and backstabbing cheaters, and the various strategies of playing the game we call dating.

Thus, we encounter a situation where the men possess the ability to be as picky as they so please, whereas the women are not granted this same privilege.

If you are not willing to settle, there are a few rules to keep in mind. First, as a girl, it is important to weed out the men that are already taken in order to avoid being labeled a home wrecker.

Secondly, you must never consider the guys who have no intention of taking you on a real date.  For the record, inviting me to meet you at a frat party and serving me jungle juice all night is no girl’s idea of a date.

Finally, if you hope to avoid being called a cougar, I suggest you wait until the freshmen are at least of legal age before making your move.
If you have not noticed this discouraging trend, next time you find yourself in class look around the room.

More often than not you will be surrounded by girls. You may stumble upon a psychology class with two boys, a French class with five, and if you are lucky, a dance improv class that is swarming with testosterone and tights.

Although with an average class size of 22, having only a couple guys is not giving us much to work with. Ladies, I am not saying that it is impossible to find “Mr. Right” in college, but these circumstances pose a challenge that must be overcome.

With an incoming freshmen class of 950 students and a goal of increasing the total number of students enrolled in the future, one can only hope that men will rise to the occasion.

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