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Letter to the Editor: Town Hall Reveals McDonnell's Backward Energy Stance

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Bob McDonnell’s town hall meeting last Tuesday solidified two things for me: that he is a brilliant and gifted politician and that he has a backward outlook on environmental issues.

While most of the discussion focused around the privatization of ABC liquor stores, several questions brought up the governor’s environmental policy.

Despite the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, McDonnell said he remains committed to pursuing drilling off Virginia’s coast.
Ignoring the lessons of the BP disaster is irresponsible and calling it “a fluke” is foolish.

While drilling would bring in many new jobs, so would investment in cleaner energy alternatives.

Virginia cannot afford to lose the thousands of tourists who visit our beaches.  Nor can we afford to pay for the massive clean up an oil spill would require.

Cara MacDonald is a Senior

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