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New Restaurant Offers Healthy Alternative to Nearby Fast Food

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Salad Creations, the first restaurant in Eagle Village, opened last Thursday. According to the store manager, Sharon King, the restaurant serves about 200 customers every day.

Students are usually there in the evening, King said.

Senior Bethany Farrell said she is very excited to have the first restaurant open, since she lives in Eagle Village.

“It’s easier to get food when I’m on the go,” Farrell said. “It’s great to have something nearby that isn’t McDonalds.”

King believes that Salad Creations will provide the healthy option that customers in the area want.

“People have been waiting a long time for something like this to come in,” King said. “We have a huge variety.”

An average meal at Salad Creations costs about $10.

Farrell said that she plans to eat there often, despite the cost.  Some items, such as the salads themselves, are expensive but worth it, she said.

“The frozen yogurt is inexpensive,” she said. “The salads are kind of pricey when you can get something similar at the Nest.”

King said she hasn’t heard any complaints about the prices, and that the quality makes the price worthwhile.

“The biggest thing is that everything we have is extremely fresh,” King said.

Students currently get a 10 percent discount at Salad Creations, and King is planning a UMW Night where students will get an extra 5 percent off.

“We are trying to do a lot with [UMW],” King said.

Soon students will be able to use EagleOne to pay for meals.  King said that she is open to the idea of accepting meal plans and Flex dollars.

Photo: Salad Creations is the first restaurant to open in Eagle Village. Marie Sicola/Bullet.

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