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"My Little Pony" is an Emotional Rollercoaster

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Hey, everypony! “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is back!

Crack out the grass pancakes and apple cider everypony, and settle in for an emotionally charged two-episode premier of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” you will never forget.

When Discord, the evil chimera beast, breaks free from his statue prison, he rains hell on Equestria. Chocolate rain from cotton candy clouds, to be exact.

Princess Celestia can’t have any of that, so she calls in Twilight Sparkle and the gang to Canterlot to take on the Elements of Harmony once again and harmonize the crap out of Equestria.

There’s only one problem. Discord has already stolen the Elements of Harmony! They have to get those tacky little necklaces back. And fast, because chocolate rain, guys! It makes angels cry and shake their heads in shame.

Discord has the upper hand, though, and he decides he’s going to destroy the ponies’ friendship, which leads to the most intense “My Little Pony” episode I’ve ever seen. You’re going to cry so hard. Seriously.

We have Emmy-worthy performances here, guys. There’s just so much drama going on, so much pain and torture as tensions rise and the magic of friendship begins to come apart. We really get a glimpse into the dark depths of these characters’ souls and see what they’re truly afraid of: losing each other.

Twilight Sparkle’s performance was truly heartbreaking. Watching her trying to keep it together, to keep the friendship alive even though it’s dying, is inspiring. She struggles and fights for her friends to the very end, proving just how strong she really is.

More stunning acting came from Rarity. Her hallucination performance was brilliant. I really believed that she believed that giant boulder was a diamond. Her paranoia was spot on, almost like watching “Black Swan,” but with ponies and no ballet. She was so in the moment, so totally encased in this character.

I can only hope this is the first of more amazing performances to come.

So, if you have the time or need to distract yourself from your homework, rustle up some daffodil and daisy sandwiches, pour yourself a tall glass of sarsaparilla and get on YouTube, and maybe bring some tissues. You might not be prepared for the raw emotions playing out on your screen.

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