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Tri-Unit Returns to Haunt University a Second Time

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Last Friday, the University of Mary Washington’s Westmoreland, Custis, Ball and Madison Halls were transformed into a frightening haunted house. From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., guides led students on a haunted tour exploring the history of an imaginary deadly plague from the Civil War era.
Compared to last year’s haunted house tour, this year it was more apparent that all four dorms were working together. Instead of each hall showcasing different genres of horror, the buildings all worked together to create a single, cohesive story.
“The suggestions were pandemic murder mystery, Civil War ghosts and religious exorcism,” said Ellen Ozarka, a senior biology major who helped organize the event.
Everyone involved acknowledged that it was difficult to organize the event among the four dorms, but felt that everyone worked hard to make the haunted house happen.
“It’s just a challenge because it’s all of the tri-unit and Westmo,” said Amanda Stalker, a sophomore psychology and education double major.
“I think everyone was really motivated, and I think everyone did a really good job,” said Ozarka.
All the hard work put into the event was evident through the tour. All the actors, from the tour guide to the plague-infested bodies groaning on the ground, were flawless.
Everyone committed to their roles 100 percent, creating a spooky atmosphere. While the pandemic theme won out, it was evident that the other ideas were mixed in as well without becoming overwhelming.
The only aspect of the haunted tour that was a little underwhelming was the repetitive nature of the particularly spooky moments.
More than once, the big scare was revealed to be a girl having a seizure on a table while doctors or priests tried to control her. While the fits seemed highly realistic, they became less disturbing after the first time.
The tour was also difficult to find. The facebook page stated that it began at Westmoreland, but without any signs indicating that the tour actually began inside, some were left confused as to where it actually began.
Despite this, it was a ghoulishly good time. Let’s hope that the haunted house tour will continue on as a UMW tradition in the years to come.

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