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How to dress for Virginia’s unpredictable fall weather

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In Virginia, dressing for the weather is never as easy as it seems. When you wake up in the morning to subzero temperatures, a thick sweater seems like a great idea.


fashion4wwebIn Virginia, dressing for the weather is never as easy as it seems. When you wake up in the morning to subzero temperatures, a thick sweater seems like a great idea. But walking outside after class is like walking into a sauna because the temperature rose 30 degrees in the 50 minutes since you went in. Just as you pull off that suffocating sweater, a surprise rainstorm appears and soaks your belongings. Then comes the humidity.

In November, you should not have to anticipate 70 degree days. But is life ever fair? Pulling out your winter clothing, only to be confronted by an 80 degree day in October is the most frustrating situation ever. If you find yourself constantly plagued by the weather and unable to dress appropriately, the answer to your plight is simple: layers.

Pretend it is a Monday and the weather forecast is calling for a high of 66 and a low of 24. Avoid the tank tops or the heavy sweaters. Opt for a light shirt, a sweater, jeans and flats. Sweaters are easily removed, a light jacket can be useful for early mornings or late nights, and flats will keep your feet from sweating while you run from Combs to Jepson. Dresses are great for layering as well, as they can easily be paired with sweaters, and tights can be added in a pinch.

Make your wardrobe a trade off. If you wear a light shirt, wear warmer pants or leggings. Or alternatively, wear a thicker top and more breathable bottoms. If you guess wrong for the weather, at least half of your wardrobe will be appropriate.

The button down shirt and sweater combination is your new best friend. In chillier climates, you will look like the definition of class, and when it heats up, the sweater can come off and the sleeves can be rolled up for a more casual look. This look consistently looks good with jeans, leggings or skirts. There is literally no way to not look classy in a button down and sweater.

Another option that works well is the puffer vest. A warm weather friendly outfit can easily adapt to the colder climate of the morning and evening with the addition of a puffer vest. If done correctly, the vest adds warmth and flare to an outfit and can easily be stored in a bookbag. Scarves can serve this purpose as well, warm and fashionable, yet easily stowed away.

The final option is to just not care. You look beautiful in your sweater and scarf and boots and do not let anyone make you feel bad about it. Dressing for the weather is sometimes just not possible.

Finding clothing that will work in any weather is difficult, but possible. Leggings, contrary to popular belief, can be utilized throughout spring, fall and winter. Alternate out boots for flats and heavy sweaters for longer t-shirts, and the outfit stays cute and practical, no matter the weather.

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