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'Liars' returns with new scandals

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ABC Family’s hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars” television continually keeps fans on the edge of their seat since its debut the summer of 2010. The epic return of the show this January proved to be no different.






Main characters Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily pick up in season four in giant strides. Armed with the knowledge that their supposedly murdered best friend, Alison, is actually alive and in hiding, the girls are left with more questions than ever.



The question of A’s true identity is one that haunted the minds of the characters and fans alike since the show’s premiere.



“The creators make Ezra look guilty. But I don’t think he is A. I just think that the show wants us to think that he is A,” said Jithmi Wickramatillake, a sophomore business major.



In season one, A was thought of as a mere nuisance that bullied the girls with creepy text messages. Since then, the harmless bully proved to be a great threat for the girls, capable of breaking friendships, turning family members against one another and even causing physical harm.



With each new episode, fans blow up social media with their thoughts and opinions on each plot twist. Thousands of tweets roll in expressing countless theories, emotions and concerns about the similarities of the show to the novel.



Marlene King, the author of “Pretty Little Lairs,” knows how to keep her audience hooked and wanting more. With the latest premier of “Pretty Little Liars” in January, King did a good job to tie loose ends together from previous seasons.



Ezra Fitz, the teacher who won Aria over from the first episode is now everyone’s least favorite character. Instead of swooning at their love, the audience is left in fear with the hope that he does not lock her up in a coffin.



Over the course of the show, Ezra’s role changed from Aria’s trustworthy boyfriend and approachable high school English teacher to becoming possible suspect for A.



After getting back together in the most recent episode, the audience can only hope that Aria will soon discover the mysterious truth about Ezra before its too late.



While Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna are distracted with other potential leads for A’s identity, Mona, one of the show’s ultimate liars, seems to be the only one noticing Ezra’s change in character. In a recent episode, when Ezra and Mona are found meeting over coffee, the audience is left wondering what are they planning next.



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