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D.I.Y. corner: Valentine's Day mug

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Are you feeling the Valentine’s Day love yet? Most people know Valentine’s Day is a great day to express love towards someone. It is the perfect day to be a little cheesy and have it still be socially acceptable.

Personally, I love being cheesy all year round, especially when I am crazy about a special someone. Valentine’s Day is just a great excuse for me to do something special for someone I care about.

However, conventional gifts are a thing of the past. Jewelry and expensive items are not really in the budget of a college student, nor do they hold true meaning. How about making a gift? You can prove just how much you love your better half with a touch of personalization.

What better way to declare your love than a mug with a personal message on it? It will remind your special someone that you care about them and put real thought into showing your appreciation. An added bonus is how cheap this gift is to make.

For each mug, I spent $2.15 and I purchased both the mugs and sharpies at my local dollar store.

Whether you’re making a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent or friend, this personalized mug is a great gift for everyone on your list. It can cheer anyone up just by the thought that you personally made something for him or her.

For the craft you will need: mug, sharpies of your color choice, rubbing alcohol, a paper towel and an oven.

Start off by cleaning your mug with the alcohol and Paper towel. Let the mug sit out for about five minutes so the alcohol is completely dried off. Then choose your favorite saying or design to add on the mug.

Once you pick out a design, you can start writing it on the mug with the sharpies. I chose two fun sayings that I found on Pinterest!

When you are done with your design let your mug dry for 24 hours. This gives the sharpie time to dry into the mug. After this time you can bake the mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The oven can be turned off and the mug can stay in the oven until it is completely cooled.

Voila! Your mug is done and you have a cute, personalized gift to give to your significant other. Just remember the mug is hand wash only!

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