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More renovation may divert campus traffic

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University of Mary Washington students can expect more renovations in the near future.

Woodard-Egress-&-AccessBY COLLEEN HUBER
University of Mary Washington students can expect more renovations in the near future.
The university general contractor, W.M. Jordan was set to begin preparations for the renovation of Woodard and Mercer Halls on Monday March, 17, according to an email for Marty Morrison, director of media and public relations.
Mercer Hall will undergo a complete renovation. Along with the renovations, there will also be additions to the north and south ends of the building.
Woodard Hall will undergo renovation on the second floor, and the “Wash Room Area,” located on the first floor will also be updated. There will also be an addition to Woodard, at the south end of the building.
While these renovations occur, the Eagles Nest and the Post Office will remain open for student use, according to the email. The elevator in Woodard will only be in use for deliveries.
The construction will impact everyday student life, affecting the foot traffic to and from Woodard, Mercer and Willard Halls. Access to and from the Sunken Road parking lot and parking deck will also be affected by the renovations. The steps from the Sunken Road parking lot to the north side of Mercer Hall will be closed but the steps from the Sunken road parking lot to Campus Drive will remain open for use during construction.
While the renovations are taking place, Campus Drive to Woodard and Mercer will only be accessible for delivery and construction vehicles. Students will only be able to enter Woodard Hall through the entrance from Campus Walk. The brick walkway from Mercer Hall and the Palmieri Plaza will also be closed to pedestrians during construction.

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