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CKI club gives back

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Students gathered on the first day of spring to celebrate Service Fest, gathering blankets, dog toys, ice packs and cards for deployed soldiers and a banner for the local fire department. Service Fest is a yearly community service event hosted by Circle K International, a club at the University of Mary Washington. Service Fest embodied the club’s motto: “Live to serve, love to serve.”


CKI is an international service organization that strives to connect college students and the surrounding local community through various acts of community service.
Many UMW students volunteered their time out of the kindness of their hearts.
Hosted in room 411 in Lee Hall, the Service Fest had a cheerful vibe, perfect for the first day of spring. Everyone performed various activities, excitedly chatting with both new and old friends.
“Community service is a hobby of mine,” said Tim Cotton, a junior political science major, as he moved from table to table, braiding dog toys and learning how to make fleece blankets. Cotton also performs community service with his fraternity, Kappa Sigma.
Club members directed activities at tables, shepherding attendees through the steps of making each craft.
Meliza Rubinos, CKI president, welcomed individuals and assisted them in finding an open space at different stations. Future CKI president, Maggie Baxter, aided volunteers through the simple steps of blanket making.
Sarah Anderson, a junior psychology major, said “why not?” When she saw a flier and attended the event. Anderson quickly learned how to make a brightly colored fleece blanket by cutting and knotting strips of fabric. The blankets will go to either a local hospital or shelter for young patients.
“I really wanted to make blankets and to help out,” said CKI member Sameet Ashfaq, a junior psychology major. Ashfaq and Anderson made an adept team as they quickly assembled numerous blankets.
CKI welcomed many new members after the recent Club Carnival, prompting freshmen students Mary Meehan and Eun Kim to attend the Service Fest.
Meehan and Kim chatted while braiding dog toys for the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), a place where other CKI members like to volunteer.

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