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Icarus's twins melt the Underground

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Twin brothers Trey and Ty Turner of The Icarus Account were in sync in more ways than one at this week’s acoustic night.

Icarus-Account-300x199CARLY DAVIS

Twin brothers Trey and Ty Turner of The Icarus Account were in sync in more ways than one at this week’s acoustic night.

Mid-song, the pair would occasionally step away from the mik to laugh and joke, simultaneously flipping their long hair.

Numerous audience members raised their hands when Trey and Ty asked if anyone had heard of their music before, and as the show progressed new and old fans fell under their spell, clapping along to their skillful acoustics and poetic lyrics. In fact, the popular iPhone app Snapchat used the bands song “Favorite Girl” on Valentines Day, so most people may have heard of their music without realizing.

“I’ve been a fan since high school, so I was really excited about the show,” said Jordan Lanzalotto, a junior sociology major. “They definitely lived up to my expectations.”

The Icarus Account played a majority of original songs, with a few covers scattered in.

Their covers included Usher’s “Burn,” The Goo Goo Doll’s “Iris” and an Adam Sandler song from the movie “The Wedding Singer.”

“If you guys know the words feel free to sing,” the brothers added.

Their cover of “Burn” was particularly popular with the audience, causing contagious laughter with their imitation of Usher’s dancing and persona.

“We’re gonna do our best to sing and dance like Usher. Just let it happen,” said Ty.

In addition to their choreography, Trey whispered, “Usher” into the mik and brought the audience to a roaring laughter.

During their performance, Trey and Ty talked about their personal lives and the inspiration behind their songwriting.

“This song is called ‘She Walks Away,’” said Trey. “It’s about every girl that Ty has met.”

Some of their original song featured in the show included “Proud,” “Little Things,” “The Yellow Shirt” and “Angel of Mine.”

“We write a lot of love songs if you haven’t caught on yet,” Ty said.

Both artists told stories of receiving emails from strangers who revealed how their songs, specifically “Angel of Mine” influenced their wedding proposals and romantic lives.

Freshman, Josh Kassabian, said the band won him over, “I’ve got my red pepper gouda, and I’m still here so they were good enough to make me stay.”

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