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Honey Maid uses backlash from ad to create something positive

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Honey Maid’s most recent commercial advertisement features real families joining together to happily consume graham crackers, a typical strategy for a food commercial.


Honey Maid’s most recent commercial advertisement features real families joining together to happily consume graham crackers, a typical strategy for a food commercial.

They depict the lives of all different types of families, creating an accuhoneymaidloverate representation of society.

Honey Maid’s intent is to give their product a wholesome image, but it appears that some people do not want to believe that Honey Maid’s idea of wholesome is truth.

All the families used in the commercial were real people depicted in their daily lives, enjoying time together and chomping down on s’mores or some other graham cracker-related treat.

The title for the commercial was “This is Wholesome,” implying that Honey Maid supports many different types of families.

After the commercial aired, Honey Maid received disapproving messages from some people saying their commercial was the opposite of wholesome because a two-dad family was shown.

While this is not a “traditional” family, it is a real life family and is not something that is uncommon in today’s society.

Honey Maid’s commercial purposefully had of the families in the commercial as the stereotypical family, but the two-dad family seemed to be the idea people did not approve of the most.

Comments were sent in accusing the commercial of being unwholesome, and a few even claimed it to be “disgusting.”

Maybe Honey Maid saw this reaction coming, maybe they did not, but they could not have had a more appropriate response to the disapproval.

The negative reviews did not affect Honey Maid in the slightest.

They produced a second commercial, in which all the negative comments were printed out and given to two artists to do with as they pleased.

Together they rolled up all the comments and used them to make a paper mosaic that spelled out “Love” in cursive letters.

Through this, Honey Maid gave a great example of what we should all do with the judgments we receive from others: turn them into something positive.

However, Honey Maid also received comments of praise and encouragement for the first commercial, as well.

The number of positive comments was ten times higher than the negative.

Honey Maid also printed out these comments for the artists, which were rolled up and used to surround the “Love.” The positive comments included, “family is family” and “this makes my heart happy.”

At the end of it, Honey Maid all know all that matters when it comes to families is love.

It is surprising that Honey Maid or any other company would spend so much time to remind people of this simple concept. They could have sold Graham Crackers with any old commercial, all you need is a campfire scene with good-looking s’mores and happy people.

Advertisements are expensive and time consuming, Honey Maid produced two of them.

If Honey Maid did not think this was an important message to send than they never would have put in all the effort that they did.

It is nice to see that people still care about the rights of others. We can all learn something from them about what really matters.


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