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Athletic training adds depth to staff

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By ALEX BLOOM Recently joining the University of Mary Washington athletics family is athletic trainer Rachel Wheeler.


Recently joining the University of Mary Washington athletics family is athletic trainer Rachel Wheeler. Rachel was born and raised in Rochester, New York and attended Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. Following her time in Erie, Rachel attended graduate school at the University of Virginia.

While attending UVa Rachel worked primarily within the football program and upon graduation, Wheeler became an athletic trainer at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. Wheeler then spent four years in Lexington, where she worked with a variety of athletic teams. However she predominantly spent her time with the men’s and women’s soccer teams in the fall season.

In the winter, Wheeler worked with wrestling and swimming and in the spring she worked primarily with the men’s lacrosse team. Here at UMW Rachel will work alongside head athletic trainer Ian Rogol and Lauren Wise to work hands on with all athletic teams on campus.

AB: How long have you been an athletic trainer?

RW: I have been a certified athletic trainer for five years.

AB: What are your goals at UMW?

RW: My goal is to help as many student athletes as I can to be successful in what they want to do and help them achieve their goals. My job is to look out for everyone’s health care and well-being and keep them safe.

AB: What are you passionate about?

RW: I’m passionate about my job, I love helping and interacting with people. I’m also passionate about making people laugh, keeping the atmosphere light, and keeping a positive attitude. And I really like soccer.

AB: Why would someone want to work with you?

RW: Because I’m positive, upbeat, a smidge sarcastic and good at my job.

AB: Favorite sports team?

RW: Let’s Go Buffalo! I Billieve!

AB: Favorite food?

RW: I don’t discriminate against food. It’s all delicious.

AB: Favorite type of music or band?

RW: Depends on the time of year, my mood, etcetera. A little bit of everything I suppose.

AB: Favorite athlete?

RW: Don’t really have one.

AB: Favorite place?

RW: New York City, hands down.

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