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Editorial: New semester, new goals from the Editorial Board

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The Blue & Gray Press came into the fall semester with a new name, a new look and a more professional and well-rounded means of coverage. Yesterday, we launched a new website as another step in the complete rebranding of the University of Mary Washington’s student-run newspaper.

We are proud of the work this paper has accomplished in the past few months, and we will continue to build upon this work to further the design, integrity and future of The Blue & Gray Press.

This semester we strive to bring more intriguing pictures and graphics to accompany our reporting in the pages of this publication. Our new website will allow The Blue & Gray Press to widen its coverage of events and student activities with photo slideshows and room for informative graphics.

We hope to widen our focus, include more students in stories and ultimately reach a wider audience. There is so much happening at this university that gets lost in the fold, and we invite the university community to suggest story ideas on The Blue & Gray Press website so we may expand our story coverage.

With our new website, we also hope to gain more interest in the paper on the part of readers, but also for interested writers, photographers and designers. This paper is a foundation for student work and for expanding the experience for those interested in any aspect of journalism, or simply writing and photography.

Our website and further expanded online presence will allow us to create a network of past and present students who can access information about UMW and directly connect with the UMW community through The Blue & Gray Press. We look forward to continuing to serve this community and evolving as a publication.

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