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Treat yo self to the new ‘Parks and Recreation’ season

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For the past six seasons Parks and Recreation captivated audiences with its dry humor and lovable characters. Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope, the lovable and quirky parks enthusiast who has inspired many to go out on a limb for the things they believe in.

Sadly, the show we never thought would end is now coming to a close.

The season seven premiere captivated audiences and threw viewers into the future with all of the characters in different places in their lives than when we last saw them.

Here is what all of our favorite Pawnee Citizens are up to in 2017:

Tom is a successful business entrepreneur with Tom’s Bistro still going strong.

Andy is starring on “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show.”

Donna is engaged and owns her own real estate agency.

Leslie and Ben are still a power couple with triplets, and Ben is receiving the award for 2017 “Man of the Year.”

The premiere episode centered on a feud between Ron and Leslie, who have become enemies since Ron left the parks department in 2015 to open his own business after an incident called “Morning Star.”

The breakfast food-loving duo are feuding over a plot of land that both want to use for different reasons.  Ron wants the property so that he can build a campus for a company called Gryzzl, which specializes in small, futuristic electronics. Leslie wants the property for a national park.

While the premiere displayed some futuristic aspects of technology, season seven felt like the same Pawnee from season six, providing a sense of continuity to the seasons. Do not be fooled though, there were still funny references to events that happened in the years 2015-2017.

Some of the hilarious moments of the premiere were:

Tammy is back and converts Councilman Jam into a little Ron look-alike.

Leslie helps the Jam get through his Tammy obsession by going through all of the crazy tactics she has used in the past for the real Ron.

Leslie is obviously a super mom and often tricks her kids into eating broccoli by saying that it magical.

Larry, previously know as Jerry, has become Terry, an extra on Andy’s show who often gets hit. Sorry Terry.

April realizes that she and Andy have become boring, so how do they choose to liven things up? Well they buy a haunted house of course.

Leslie and Ron’s feud is so extreme that during Ben’s “Man of the Year” dinner, they knock over the cake and destroy Ben’s big day.

This two-part premiere gave us two episodes in one, which the show will continue to put out until the series finale on Feb. 15.  We can only hope that “Parks and Recreation” ties up all loose ends nicely.

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