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Meet Juliette Landphair, vice president of student affairs

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By EMILY HOLLINGSWORTH Juliette Landphair, new vice president for student affairs, is set to make a difference at UMW, reaching both organizations and the individual student.


Juliette Landphair, new vice president for student affairs, is set to
make a difference at UMW, reaching both organizations and the
individual student.

Landphair was announced for the position at the beginning of June,
taking the place of former vice president for student affairs Doug
Searcy, who became the president of Barton College in Wilson, North

Landphair was the dean of Westhampton College, a women’s college
inside of the University of Richmond, and associate dean in the School
of Arts and Sciences for the University of Richmond.

According to President Hurley, the university found Landphair in a
national search process last spring. While Hurley believes it is too
soon to determine Landphair’s impact on campus, Hurley is reassured
that she will have an impact on students and student programs around

“I am convinced her impact will be positive,” Hurley said.

Sophie Smith, vice president of the Fredericksburg Honor Council, met
Landphair briefly during a board meeting with Center for Honor,
Leadership and Service coworker Kelly MacRitchie.

According to Smith, Landphair was invested in the meeting and wanted
to get involved with the council.

“She definitely made it clear that she wants to be involved,” Smith
said. “I’m excited to work with her.”

According to Landphair, she has taken the summer and this semester to
learn more about the campus before taking concrete courses of action,
but she has spoken to the Athletic Department, the SGA, Orientation
Leaders and incoming students.

Landphair likes UMW’s campus walk, is fascinated by the history behind
the university, particularly Fredericksburg during the Civil War and
likes Blackstone Coffee.

While Landphair was dean of Westhampton College, she oversaw the
on-campus organization “Women Involved in Living and Learning,” where
students explore gender and diversity.

Landphair noted that campuses where the majority of students are
female tend to take on more progressive issues, including Westhampton
College and UMW. That being said, Landphair hopes to get both male and
female perspectives, particularly on the subjects of leadership and
sexual assault prevention.

Landphair cited Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a concept measuring
different levels of need people have to fulfill to live life to the
fullest. For her, each of the programs she oversees on UMW campus
corresponds to those needs. For example, effectively working with UMW
Police would fulfill students’ need for safety and effectively working
with Residential Life would provide students with proper shelter,
another need.

While Landphair works with organizations on campus to provide a
worthwhile experience for students, Landphair encourages students
themselves to make their experience count by getting involved.

“The more you invest yourself, engaging in campus makes you feel like
it’s home for you,” Landphair said.

While Landphair considered and ultimately accepted the position for
vice president for student affairs, she looked at news from UMW,
including the threatening messages sent to students in “Yik-Yak” and
Grace Mann’s death.

Landphair hopes that the year will turn around and become a more
positive experience for everyone involved. She encouraged the student
body to celebrate President Hurley’s last year at the university and
to celebrate each other. According to Landphair, she encouraged
students to build each other up.

“Nothing good comes with tearing each other down,” Landphair said.

Through being involved with student organizations and student-oriented
programs on campus, including UMW Police, Landphair aims to build up
the student body for providing for their needs and giving them the
best experience on campus.


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