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10 last-minute Halloween costumes for less than $10

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By KELLY EMMRICH As soon as Oct. 1 rolls around, pumpkin and ghost are at the top of my ‘frequently used’ list of emojis and orange fairy lights, painted pumpkins and fake cobwebs become staple decorations in my apartment.From the creative costumes to the endless supply of candy, Halloween is easily my favorite holiday.


As soon as Oct. 1 rolls around, pumpkin and ghost are at the top of my ‘frequently used’ list of emojis and orange fairy lights, painted pumpkins and fake cobwebs become staple decorations in my apartment.From the creative costumes to the endless supply of candy, Halloween is easily my favorite holiday.

However, not all of us can afford to buy a $40 or $50 costume at Party City and are not skilled enough to recreate an “easy” Pinterest D.I.Y.

Here are easy looks for the lazy and poor college student that turns easy to find items in your closet into statement costumes. A broken doll is a great costume if you want to be both creepy and beautiful. Foundation, lipstick, false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara, black dress, peter pan collar and flats are the essentials for recreating this look.

For the classic 80s workout girl break out your old scrunchies, find a brightly colored leotard or bathing suit and look for a pair of colored tights. For the makeup use bright colors to imitate the garish and loud 80s fashion.

If you have an old dance leotard that still fits or are brave enough to go out in a long sleeve shirt and black spandex shorts then all power to you. This is a look for the bold and the minimalist because it requires no time to put together whatsoever. All you will need are a pair of black heels, a leotard or black top and black spandex shorts and a lot of hairspray for the signature “Single Ladies” pompadour.

If you own a onesie, you can have a really cute Halloween costume. It’s warm, comfortable and absolutely adorable. I personally have a tiger onesie, and if you have any kind of onesie you can reimagine your costume to accommodate that. If you own a tiger one, like me, then you can do some simple tiger makeup. Black and orange face paint is a necessity to recreate the tiger stripes and the nose.

Whether you loved clowns or hated them as a kid, a clown is a great costume. To recreate this makeup look you need foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. For the outfit, you can really wear anything that resembles circus attire.

In my closet I found a striped skater skirt and a white crop top, but you can make use of anything that you have in your closet already. To emulate the usual clown outfit, cut out three black circles and tape them to the shirt with clear scotch tape or duct tape if you want more durability.

For the killer housewife look, make use of an apron, if you have one, a simple dress, pearls, an apron and a knife. Since it is probably not appropriate to be carrying around a large kitchen knife it is very easy to make a fake knife by taping a computer printout of a knife and taping it on a cut out piece of cardboard. For the makeup, do a classic cat eye wing and red lipstick.

The spy is a very quick and simple look. For this costume, black pants and a black shirt is all that is required. I used pleather pants for this example, and a black long sleeve shirt nylon leotard. You can add sunglasses or other accessories as you see fit.

Coachella is all about fun, effortless fashion and, of course, the music. Every Coachella attendee should know that a stylish sunhat is a staple item, I got mine from target for $9 For the rest of the outfit, I used a little black dress, a cover-up and sunglasses.

Everyone should have a black and white striped shirt in their closets, so this costume is easy to recreate. For the mime costume you need a striped shirt, black pants and a beret. Ebay has berets like this one for as low as six dollars. For the makeup you will need a light foundation or white face paint, liquid eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick.

This is a very simple, yet effortlessly beautiful costume. I used the same cover up that I used for the Coachella costume, because it is perfect for adding a stylish yet, ethereal piece. I got mine at H&M for seven dollars. For the rest of the costume slip on a little black dress and a flower crown. For the makeup, keep it simple and ethereal with slight winged eye, glitter eye shadow and a red or pink lipstick.

Most say that drugstore, grocery store or dollar store makeup is very cheap and poor quality, but, in my experience all of these places have my favorite brands for a good price. If you do not have a car on campus, Giant or Dollar General will have most of the makeup that you need. If you do have a car, Target and Michaels are two good stores for makeup and craft supplies.


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