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November brings promise of comedy, crime and politics

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By DELLA HETHCOX November has arrived and Netflix continues to add to its online empire of hit television shows and movies. Whether you need a study break alone, or you are with a group of friends, Netflix has something to offer, no matter the preferred genre. As it has produced seven original television shows.

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November has arrived and Netflix continues to add to its online empire of hit television shows and movies. Whether you need a study break alone, or you are with a group of friends, Netflix has something to offer, no matter the preferred genre. As it has produced seven original television shows.

More than 53 films and seasons of television shows will be added to Netflix over the month, which you will be able to stream instantly from the comfort of your residence hall room or apartment.

Netflix is pouring more and more energy and resources into creating original content and over the past few years, they have created several hit shows such as “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards.” Larger streaming companies like Hulu and Amazon Prime have a serious competitor, particularly in Netflix’s original releases this month.

“Treat yo’self” representative, Aziz Ansari, who played Tom Haverford on “Parks and Rec,” has returned to Netflix with the original show “Master of None” which premieres on Nov. 6. Ansari plays a struggling 30-year-old actor in New York, who deals with issues surrounding relationships, race and gender. The show heavily draws from Ansari’s trademark comedic style.

Stand-up comedy is actually one of the strongest genres offered by Netflix. Premiering on Nov. 12, for instance, is another original, “The Comeback Kid,” which stars N.Y. comedian John Mulaney. Mulaney is no newbie as the title suggests, he previously wrote for “Saturday Night Live” and has performed stand-up on Comedy Central.

The show tackles Mulaney’s everyday experiences, accompanied by his sophisticated style, which is perhaps something he developed while studying English literature at Georgetown University.

In addition to comedy, Netflix will premiere two original crime series on Nov. 18. “River,” starring Stellan Skarsgård, whom you might remember from “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” is a six-part show about a genius police officer who is haunted by the victims he has encountered.

On the other hand there is “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” starring Krysten Ritter, from “Bitch in Apt. 23,” and David Tennant, from “Dr. Who.”“Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” follows an ex-superhero played by Ritter who now works in Hell’s Kitchen  as a private investigator.

Idris Elba, who first premiered in the Oct. Netflix original film, “Beasts of No Nation,” returns this month with “Mandela, My Dad and Me,” which was added on Nov. 1. It is another documentary that details the process during the filming of Elba’s “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” and the recording of his album, “Mi Mandela.”

The list of documentaries, however, does not end there. Try, for instance, “Last Days in Vietnam,” or “Twinsters,” a film about a French student who discovers her identical twin on the internet.

Both films became available Nov. 1 while two more documentaries were released Nov. 3. The first, “Do I Sound Gay?” follows journalist David Thorpe as he explores the cultural issues surrounding the issue of “sounding gay.”

The second, “Best of Enemies,” examines the riveting political debates of 1968 between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal.

Similarly, take a closer look at the friendship between John Muhammad and Lee Malvo that paralyzed the metro area and resulted in the deaths of ten people. As “Blue Caprice,” a 2013 film about the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks, debuts on Nov. 14.

If 19th century Russian aristocracy is your thing, give “Anna Karenina,” the 2012 film starring Keira Knightley, a watch. The stunning film will be available on Netflix starting Nov. 12.

If the costumes in “Karenina” piqued your interest, watch “Dior and I,” available on Nov. 14, which gives fashion-lovers a behind the scenes look at the fast-paced fashion world. Under the creative direction of Raf Simons, viewers will see how a couture collection takes shape in the house of Dior.

No matter what your viewing taste may be, Netflix’s wide array of shows and films should have something tempting for everyone. Find your comfiest sweats and grab your favorite snack.

Happy viewing!

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