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Freshman Facebook group draws petty arguments, defeats purpose

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By JACOB ATKINSON When I was accepted to the University of Mary Washington, I was very excited to meet new people and get to know my classmates, seeing as how I knew very few people from my high school that would also be attending.


When I was accepted to the University of Mary Washington, I was very excited to meet new people and get to know my classmates, seeing as how I knew very few people from my high school that would also be attending.

Not long after receiving my acceptance letter, I got a notification on my Facebook page that I had been invited to join the Class of 2019’s Facebook group. It was a relatively exciting moment, though I didn’t think I would learn much about my classmates through a computer; even so, I was looking forward to the opportunity to talk with everyone.

For anyone who is not familiar with this particular Facebook group, let me explain my experience with it over the course of my freshman year. Prior to coming here, I would click on a Facebook chat and not expect much. However, after this school year, I now know to click with caution. When I do join one of these groups, I come prepared with armor and quick responses at the ready. This group was most likely intended to bring students together, serving as a platform for constructive ideas to be shared and potential friendships to be made. In some respects, it has, but it has also caused an unbelievable number of online fights that just seem senseless.

The school year started out uneventful – it was a normal Facebook group that you didn’t really check unless you lost your EagleOne card and wanted to ask if someone had found it. However, it has transformed into a warzone of petty arguments that give readers immediate flashbacks to high school.

By scrolling through the page, you can find complaints that would be better off registered with a staff member or administrative official, not whined about on a Facebook page. It’s a place where more often than not, you will end up being bombarded with feedback, both good and bad, as a result of speaking your mind; but either way, it leaves you regretting posting anything at all because of the absurd number of notifications you receive as a result and are continuously reminded of each time someone likes or comments on your post.

Now, I find that the only positive thing that comes out of the page is that it’s a good medium through which to look for a new roommate. I imagine that the feedback on the page, regardless of the constant flow of nonsense that composes the majority of it, is still helpful to the administration when gathering students’ thoughts and opinions.

Regardless of how irritating it is to see these useless fights on the page, it most likely still serves a strong enough purpose for the administration to keep it in place, but perhaps there is a better alternative. Surveys that are given to students could be a more concise way of getting feedback without having frustrated teenagers battling out their differences, yielding no positive result.

2 thoughts on “Freshman Facebook group draws petty arguments, defeats purpose

  1. I happen to agree. As a fellow freshman here at UMW, the use of the facebook group for just fighting over the pointless things is ridiculous. That is really why I stopped paying any attention to it altogether. I also agree that it does have its uses

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