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Senior Playlist: for the burnt out and stressed student

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By TESS OSMER It is already October, the leaves are falling and it’s finally getting a little bit colder. Even though it is pretty early in the semester, I am about ready to drop out. If the ideas of upcoming midterms and eventual finals are making you panic, I have five noteworthy songs to help you keep your chin up.

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It is already October, the leaves are falling and it’s finally getting a little bit colder. Even though it is still pretty early in the semester, I, and many of my friends, are about ready to drop out. So, if the ideas of upcoming midterms and eventual finals are making you panic, I have five noteworthy songs to help you keep your chin up.

1. “Model Behavior” by Mack Keane

Just the lyrics of this song alone make me want to abandon all my things and drive to the city. “I want a normal life,” Mack bellows while the bass bumps in the background, every line as catchy as the next. My favorite, however, is toward the end of the song. “Confidence is born from the voice inside,” Mack coos, “not from posting pictures and having people tell you lies.” For, although sometimes I feel like jumping out of my skin, this song saves me every time.

2. “Lights” by MaJLo ft. Ralph Kaminski

This track really speaks to my “go-getter” self. While it is upbeat and full of a twangy guitar, the lyrics empower the listener. “Someone said we’re not good enough,” Ralph sings, “some people never understand.” Indeed, when you are one to follow your dreams some people really do not get it. The song itself is only about three minutes but it brings me so much joy and it is easy to get lost in. I also think it is an interesting combination of both electronic and indie music.

3. “Like I Do” by Tilka

This is one of my favorite songs on the playlist. The flute is impeccable and the lyrics are simplistic. It’s the aura of this song that speaks to me. It is such an anticlimactic song and that is what I love about it. It could easily be on the radio, blending a pop and electronic feel that is becoming very popular in current mainstream music.

4. “Once” by Khamsin ft. Layna

Now I know I said “Like I Do,” is one of my favorites, but I am obsessed with this one. Every time it comes on, filling my ears with beautiful drums, bass and a soothing voice, I cannot help but turn up the volume as loud as I can. “Let me savor this heart,” Layna pleads. For me, with it is heavily electronic-based aesthetic, it’s like jumping into another world.

5. “Tonari” by WoodzSTHLM ft. Noomi

Filling the air with ambient and electronic features this song has floored me. “Silence,” Noomi croons, “Take it in, take it in, I can take it in.” When studying or working out this song pushes me. The flute, again prominent in this track, combined with almost wallowing moans brings complexity and layers.

Electronic music is becoming increasingly popular these days and so I hope you are on this bandwagon with me. If any of these songs speak to you like they speak to me, it does not take much to find more like them. I advocate for Soundcloud more than any other music-sharing app.


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