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Three Halloween crafts you can make in under 10 minutes

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By PAIGE WALTON Need to get ready for Halloween weekend and have some free time? Here are some fun and easy crafts to make your room spookier than the rest!

Paige Walton | The Blue & Gray Press


Need to get ready for Halloween weekend and have some free time? Here are some fun and easy crafts to make your room spookier than the rest!

Hanging Ghosts: (If you have two minutes)

Who did the ghost take to the Halloween party? Her boo! As college students we pretty much eat, breathe and sleep school. With minimal downtime in mind, here is a cute, quick, and simple craft you can make while you are waiting for Netflix to load.


White paper

Black marker




Use a black marker to draw a spiral (or print the PDF version online).

Draw on a face (I recommend doing so first in pencil so you can erase any mistakes and then going back over it in marker when you find the face you like).

Cut it out.

Roll a piece of tape, stick it to the tail end and then to the ceiling, and enjoy.

Yarn Pumpkins: (If you have seven minutes)

What do you call a pumpkin that does not celebrate Halloween? A grumpkin!


If carving pumpkins is not your thing (or even if it is) here is a fun way to make your own pretty pumpkins this fall. The nice thing about pumpkins is that they truly do come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you are a beginner or perfectionist, any pumpkin is a nice pumpkin.


Orange yarn

Green pipe cleaners



Before beginning, read through all of the directions and make sure you understand them so you don’t end up like me and have to start over. Wrap the orange yarn evenly around your four fingers about 80 times (less if you want a smaller pumpkin and more if you would like a larger one). Be sure to find the balance between wrapping it tightly but not so tight you cut off circulation to your fingers.

Cut a 10-inch piece of yarn to stick between your fingers to wrap it all the way around the yarn loop you have made.

Take the yarn loop off of your fingers and tie the 10-inch piece taut. Double-knot for extra security. Leave the ends long for now, you will need them later.

Cut a two inch piece of green pipe cleaner lay it on top of the knot you have made in the center of the pumpkin.

Using the tail ends of the 10-inch piece of yarn, tie a double knot on top of the pipe cleaner to secure it to the pumpkin’s body.

Lifting the pipe cleaner up, twist it around itself to make the stem. Tuck in any loose ends or pieces of yarn and plump the body up to a shape you like.

PomPom Spiders: (If you have five minutes)

What do you call an undercover spider? A spy-der!

Halloween night is filled with creepy crawlies galore, if you prefer the cute craft arachnids to the real ones then you are in luck. Here is an adorable and completely doable way to create your own spiders.


Liquid glue (or a glue-gun if you have one)

Black pompoms (various sizes welcome)

Black pipe cleaners

Googly eyes


Cut four pipe cleaners to desired length. If you want to be fancy, you can do different lengths one spider. Bend the pipe cleaner in half once, and then in half again. Open it up to make the letter “M” Apply glue to the center of the pipe cleaner and attach to pompom ball. Let sit and then glue two googly eyes to the front of the pompom ball.

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