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Destress tips for finals week – puppies are key to success

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By ELLIE ADAMS Whether you came to college knowing exactly what you want to do, or not, chances are things will change. I came to the University of Mary Washington knowing that I wanted to be a psychology major. Many people told me I would never find a job, and that if I did, it would never make enough money, but even through that, I was dead set on being a psychology major.



As finals approach in the next weeks before winter break, dread and stress can be felt all throughout campus. However, though we all hate finals, there are always ways to de-stress and distract ourselves from the tests we have to take.

Emily James, a junior majoring in history and special education, finds that watching funny puppy and baby videos helps her. If you can get past all the politics on social media, take a few minutes away from your studying and watch some cute or funny videos on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Another way to eliminate stress is something the campus provides every year around finals. Look out for the adorable service dogs in the lobby of the University Center during finals week. They are there to be pet and loved and to act as a de-stresser for students. Lisa-Marie King, a sophomore majoring in Spanish, says that she loves whenever the dogs come to campus. “I love dogs,” she says. “Whenever I’m on my way to Jamba Juice or the fourth floor, I stop and pet them. Having dogs to help relax students is such a great thing our campus does.”

If you have time between finals, another de-stress tactic is to take a power nap. Marion Punches, a sophomore environmental science major, says that “listening to music and taking a nap for like 30 minutes always helps me to de-stress.”

Marion also says that breaking up her workload really helps. “I like to work in 40-minute sessions. Like, study 40 minutes, take a break for 20, repeat.”

Stress can distract you away from focusing on your studies as much as a dog can, but at least snuggling with a cute puppy will help make you feel better before you get back to work. So with finals getting closer, and stress building, find ways to de-stress and manage your time so that you can take a break petting a dog, taking a nap or watching funny videos on Facebook or any other social media site.


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