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Valentine’s day is a day for more than relationships

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Everyone has different feelings about the holiday that’s all about love. Some love it, some are indifferent about it, and some wallow in self-pity. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being in a relationship or having a significant other. Yes, it is a day that was originally made to showcase the love and affection between people. But it doesn’t have to be romantically. It could be about friends and family and reflecting on the love you feel for them. It could even be about a day of self-love. Of finally taking the time and realizing your self worth and to love yourself for who you are.

Here are some tips for getting through Valentine’s Day without feeling bitter.

  1. Buy a boat load of chocolate, cookies and cupcakes, and plan to order pizza and watch movies all through the night while engorging yourselves with caramel filled chocolate hearts.
  2. If you’re legal, pop open a bottle of champagne or wine and make dinner with your best friends and have a nice meal together.
  3. Go out to the movies with your girls.

Kelsie Dalton, a junior here, is going to go to the movies and watch “Fifty Shades Darker.”

“Yeah, I’m not in a relationship right now, so the only plans I have is to go to dinner and a movie with my friends and eat a whole box of chocolates,” said Dalton.

All in all, Valentine’s Day should not matter about being single or not. It’s a day that you can do whatever it is you feel like doing. Want to spend a little bit of money on a new outfit? Do it. Want to eat pizza for breakfast and chocolate for lunch and dinner? Do it. Want to stay in all day and just watch Netflix in your pajamas? Just do it. Do whatever is going to make you happy. Valentine’s Day is about the love you feel towards the people in your life, but it should also be about the love you have for yourself because, first and foremost, you should love yourself before anyone else.

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