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Op Ed: #WeAreAllRefugees

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Lauren Brumfield | The Blue & Gray Press


I am more and more frustrated by the western world and its actions against the immigrants to Europe. They are refugees, people! Can no one understand that? Trouble always comes with any group, but it is racist to say that the refugees are somehow worse than the natives. The Prime Minister of Sweden said the other day that he will never allow mass immigration to happen again. Why? Because someone performed a terrorist attack. This makes me feel literally sick.

Before I go on, I have to say terrorism is evil. Everyone knows this. What the PM of Sweden is saying though, and there is no nice way of saying this, is worse than terrorism. He is condemning a group of people based on no evidence. Terrorism is just a reality of living in the west. This is not the end of the world. I know some people support what the Swedish Prime Minister is saying. Typically, they are Trump supporters. Doesn’t that say enough? It should.

The real solution to terrorism is to adapt. It is very wrong to force the refugees to live like Europeans when they come to Europe. I say this for a few reasons. One, they did not choose to be born in a war torn region. Two, they bring diversity with them and it enhances us. These are without question. Diversity is a strength. So racists and patriarchal westerners (is there a difference?) always say that immigrants need to assimilate. But they ignore a fundamental truth. We need to assimilate to the refugees too.

When someone is hurt, you don’t force them to act like you for you to help them. We shouldn’t expect these refugees to convert to western values either. It’s so demeaning. We need to help refugees, and we need to adapt to their way of life more. It shouldn’t be a hard thing to do, and it’s not crazy to say. We have so much, and they have so little. It’s a little bit racist to think that they should be forced to flee their country and also lose their entire way of life. Sometimes that has issues, but the issues are a part of what makes diversity so great. We learn, we grow, and we change.

When they bring diversity to Europe and the West, they help us. In many ways they even help us learn about ourselves. The west has done so much bad to the world. We’ve probably done more bad than good. It’s inhumane to be so hypocritical and not help the refugees. So I want to ask everyone to follow this rule: They are better than us, and we can learn from them! Diversity is a strength. Shout it! DIVERSITY IS A STRENGTH.


8 thoughts on “Op Ed: #WeAreAllRefugees

  1. Diversity is pretty terrible tbh. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe because refugees aren’t being vetted for a previous history of sexual violence. It’s obvious that the author of this article is a rape apologist and is seeking to normalize it in western societies.

  2. If you want diversity you go to Brazil a fucking hellhole

    These refugees coming to Sweden are not refugees, they are niggers looking for benefits, and these niggers are some of the most lazy niggers on the face of the earth – only 500 out of 200 000 thousend get a job
    If you want to help Refugees go to the Women & children in Syria – People who can’t leave the country due to being poor and being a real refugee.

    And i’l have you know we are the least racist country on earth, but living with these niggers which we didn’t vote for has caused us great anger, and the more truth we have learned, As of now our nationalist nazi party is the biggest party.

    As no swedish man wants his own country to be Somalia in 50 years – and according to the UN we are a third world nation by 2030

    T; A swede

  3. Not only is this article poorly written but it is indicative of a very deranged and anti-white mindset. Every nation and people on earth has a right to be secure from foreign dangers, terrorism, and threats to its demography. No nation has any responsibility to look after any other group than its own native peoples.

  4. Go live with “refugees” for a month in Greece, pay their expenses, and report back on your first-hand experience. This sentence is great: “Terrorism is just a reality of living in the west.” Good to hear that “terrorism” only happens in “western” countries. The Kurds will be glad to know that. I see a future as a paid anarchist for the author of this great example of utopian socialism. Finally, if this is the writing style of the author upon graduation from UMW, that is $80k down the drain.

  5. Diversity is bad thing if certain value systems are incompatible with the west. You don’t know the first thing about Islamic culture. If you did then you wouldn’t be advocating it’s implementation in the west.
    Google “Sharia Law”

  6. Islam is not a race. Sharia Law is not compatible with equality. What is wrong with protecting one’s country so that it is a safe place to live, work, and enjoy the freedom that is given to you?

  7. This has got to be satire right? Even a gifted writer such as myself would have trouble coming up with an article this nonsensical. This isn’t even funny anymore. How could something this poorly written and insane be published by the paper? If this is the output of Mary Washington students I would NEVER allow one of my children to attend. I can’t believe this is the impression UMW wants to send out to the wider world.

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