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Trendy cozy socks with boots bring comfort and style to campus

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Woolen socks with boots have been a popular pair, since its introduction to the fashion sphere, it’s expanded from the original riding boots with knee-highs to heeled ankle boots with woolen socks scrunched up, combat boots with leg warmers, and so on. As a result of the drastic change in weather, many UMW students have begun the yearly transition into pairing cozy socks with boots.

Some enjoy the trend because of its simplicity, “I like this fashion because it’s comfortable and easy but still looks put together,” said Loretta Vasi, “I try not to care about what others think, but when my outfit looks cute I feel cute.”

Others, like Madison McCoy like it because of its versatility. She explained that,  “Wearing high socks with boots is a cool trend because you really get to show your personality or mood… You can wear crazy patterned socks to liven up an understated outfit, or you can wear neutral socks that work with pretty much anything.”

The trend isn’t limited to simply socks, though.

As vintage fashion continues to grow its popularity, woolen leg warmers for fall have also appeared within this trend. Alyssa Bautista wears leg warmers with her outfit for an added “kick” to her appearance.

“The most obvious reason I like this trend is because it keeps my legs warm,” said Bautista. “But I really like it because it adds color and a more flare-like aspect to the whole outfit… It breaks things up so it’s not so boring, and it’s definitely one of my favorite fall trends.” During the chilly times that are sure to come, wearing woolen socks with some snug boots is a comfortable, yet trendy look to wear throughout the day.

Loretta Vasi, Sophomore
Madison McCoy, Senior
Alyssa Bautista, Freshman

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