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Then & Now: how campus has changed over the years

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I was inspired to do a “Then & Now” photo series of campus after learning that Campus Walk was once a road in an Intro to Planning class I took last semester. I found pictures on the old road on the UMW Digital Archives page online and also an adorable picture of Dean Alvey. Having a class with the Dean this semester, I asked him if he would be interested in posing for a picture for my project. I have always loved “Before and After” themed things and I don’t know of a better way to capture the progress and development of a campus than through photography.

Lee Hall, 2018.




See what Lee Hall in 1967.






Trinkle Hall, 2018.





See what Trinkle Hall Looked like in 1950.





Dean Rucker standing in front of Alvey Hall, 2018.









See who was standing in front of Alvey Hall in 1991.




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