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The best slice in Fredericksburg, students debate

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By JOSEPH KOBSAR Staff Writer Every UMW student has their favorite pizza place, but which one wins out in popularity among the student body?

Joseph Kobsar | UMW


Staff Writer

There’s been a rivalry around campus that is roaring in our stomachs. Every UMW student has their favorite pizza place, but which one wins out in popularity among the student body?

While there are many pizza places around Fredericksburg, most UMW students gravitate towards a select few near campus, whether it be due to convenience, price, tradition or simply the taste.

Some students have only experienced Vocelli Pizza on campus in the Nest. Vocelli is an Italian quality pizzeria chain, originating in Pittsburgh, that has become a staple in the diet of the typical UMW student due to the convenience of location.

“I highly recommend the cheesy bread from Vocelli’s,” said Adrienne Hurst, a freshman biochemistry major.

While most students like Vocelli because of the location, others enjoy it for the taste.

Junior anthropology major Michelle Holt said, “We order in from Vocelli’s most of the time because it’s pretty good and super convenient.”

But the real rivalry is between two of the best pizzerias in downtown Fredericksburg, Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant and Benny Vitali’s. Castiglia’s is a family owned and operated Italian and American restaurant with origins in Naples, Italy. It seems to be one of the favorite pizzerias of UMW students.

Outside Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

“I like Castiglia’s downtown actually. They have a really good margherita pizza so my friends and I like to eat there. We like to go down there before finals week to go hang out, chill, and relax before things get really hectic,” said Holt.

Sophomore geography major Ty Roark said, “I like Castiglia’s but that might be because I’ve been going there since I was a child so there’s that nostalgic kind of connotation with it.”

While Castiglia’s has traditional quality and history behind it, there is one pizzeria that rivals it- Benny’s. They are known for their 28” pizzas and featured monthly slice, with this month’s being Bacon, Ham & Banana Peppers as well as the Veggie Supreme.

“The chicken bacon ranch from Benny’s is a godsend. Their prices are straight 5 dollars for huge slices and it takes about two paper plates- it’s big. It’s a decent portion and 600 calories in each slice, cough cough. It’s filling, it’s cheap and it’s good,” said freshman Paris Fouser.

Sophomore history major Ashley Whitlock said, “It’s cheap pizza and I’m a college student who doesn’t have a lot of money so it’s the best place, and you get a lot of pizza for 5 dollars. It’s in walking distance and you don’t have to Uber there unless you want to.”

“Freshman year I had Benny’s pizza and I liked it, it’s a big size so it fills you up enough. I haven’t been there in a while because there’s always a long line but I guess that’s how you know it’s good,” said Holt.

Closing at 11 p.m. on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends, Benny’s seems to be the most accessible restaurant. Benny’s can regularly be found swamped with a long line customers on weekends and holidays. Due to price, location, and portion, the consensus from UMW students for the best pizza in town is definitely Benny’s

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