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Adventure Brewing to open in Eagle Village

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Adventure Brewing will move into the storefront previously occupied by Blackstone in Eagle Village. (Photo courtesy of Shelby Bell / The Blue and Gray Press)


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The University of Mary Washington Foundation announced that in late fall of 2019, Adventure Brewing will open in Eagle Village in the storefront that used to house Blackstone Coffee. The brewery currently has one other location in Stafford. UMW and Adventure Brewing do not have a deal that goes beyond tenant leasing, and the university has not officially stated if they will receive profits from the company.

Tim Bornholtz, co-owner of Adventure Brewing, said he is enthusiastic about the opening and how it will attract college students to Eagle Village.

“I think younger people are a little more eager to try experimental flavors, so we’re planning on several beers and hard seltzers that will be exclusive to the Eagle Village location,” said Bornholtz.

Several students are looking forward to the opening of the new location.

“I think it’s a cool location to hang out since it’s close by. It’s inclusive towards everyone,” said Adara MackDonell, a freshman history major.

Others, on the other hand, are less enthused.

“It’s not too beneficial to campus, especially since not many students are of legal drinking age,” said Kelsey Sheffer, a senior political science and religion major.

“I’m not a fan of beer so I wouldn’t be interested in going, but if my friends invite me to go, then I’ll go,” said Brianna Stumpf, a junior creative writing major.

Jeff Rountree, president of the UMW Foundation, talked about why Adventure Brewing was chosen over other options.

“It brings a younger vibe to Eagle Village and will be a good co-tenant with other merchants in Eagle Village,” said Rountree. “Popular tenants who draw a good customer base help create traffic for other merchants in Eagle Village.”

Bornholtz looks forward to having a location specifically in Fredericksburg, where he lives.

“It makes sense to go where the people go,” he said. “With the university, the hospital and the amount of traffic that flows through and around that area, it is a great place for a brewery.”

“I think it’s a good idea for it to be located close by,” said Mackdonell. “It also can reach out with the idea of safe drinking since it’s close.”

“I hope that all students take the time to explore what Fredericksburg has to offer, from Eagle Village to downtown to Central Park,” said Rountree.

According to Bornholtz, the brewery will host events open to all students and community members, regardless of whether they drink, as well as provide specials for students.

Adventure Brewing will be open for taste testing Monday through Thursday from 3:30-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 12-10 p.m. and Sunday from 12-6 p.m. following its opening.

“One of the cool things about breweries is that they attract all walks of life,” said Bornholtz. “I think it will be interesting to see the makeup of customers once we open.”

Adventure Brewing will be “another place to socialize, and in this case, enjoy a locally-made craft beer,” Rountree said.

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