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Quarantine Couture: Stay stylish while social distancing

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Students can practice social distancing and still be fashionable with these tips. (Anna Shvets | Pexels)


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As we move into this period of social distancing, you’re probably disappointed that you can no longer show off your cute outfits in class. But who said you can’t be stylish while in quarantine? Here are our favorite fashion tips for trés chic social distancing activities.

Zoom lectures

The best part about a Zoom call is you choose what you want people to see! Since you’re probably only visible to people on the call from the waist up, this is the perfect way to trick your classmates into thinking you’re way more put together than you actually are by doing a full face of makeup and wearing a cute and stylish shirt, while you’re still wearing the same pajama pants you’ve had on for two weeks on the bottom. Forgot to change? Never fear, just hold your dog up as a distraction!

Where great minds get to work, am I right?

Daily walk around the neighborhood

Your daily walk to get fresh air is probably the only time you see people all day, so make sure you’re making a good impression. While it may be tempting to wear that same comfy oversized UMW sweatshirt (that you most definitely slept in) every day, make sure you’re changing out these sweatshirts because Barbara who lives across the street is definitely judging you for wearing the same one five days in a row.

Grocery store run

So, you’ve drawn the short straw and have been sent out to the grocery store to fight to the death for that elusive last package of Cottonelle. Never fear, you can also use this as an opportunity to express your style since you will be out among the people! Don’t be afraid to wear your usual Brock’s night outfit to roam the produce aisles, since who knows when you’ll get to wear it again? This counts as an OUTING, people! Many people have opted to start wearing masks and gloves while on their trips to get groceries and other necessities, so make sure your outfit complements these essential accessories if you choose to wear them. However, make sure you’re not hoarding these items and preventing medical personnel who need them from getting them, because there’s nothing less fashionable than that.

Formal night in the family room

Bummed that your formal was cancelled? Mad that the expensive dress or suit you bought for the event is no longer returnable and you have nowhere to wear it? Never fear! Just have formal in your house! Wear your outfit all around the house, to family meals, and elicit supportive comments from your dad such as “Where’s the rest of your outfit?” and “Aren’t you going to put a sweater on over that?”

Don’t forget about Instagram!

Just because you can’t wear that cute new spring outfit on campus anymore doesn’t mean you can’t show it off to your friends! Stage a photo shoot in your backyard to share your style with all your Instagram followers. The brick wall of your house is the perfect backdrop. Bribe your little brother to take pictures of you by promising he can have the TV to himself later. No siblings? No problem! Buy an iPhone tripod with a remote like this one from Amazon that helps you to take pictures of yourself without any help! Definitely a practical and necessary purchase.

This story is a part of our April Fool’s edition and is intended to be satirical in nature. All information or quotations are made up and not to be taken seriously.

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