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Remembering Shacobe Johnson

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UMW Alum Shacobe Johnson passed away on May 30 of this year at the age of 22.

Johnson received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and technology in May 2019 and has been commended by friends and family for his skill in the field. He began working at CACI International following a successful internship with the company during his freshman year.

“He was incredibly driven and had lots of dreams that he strove to achieve,” said former roommate Sean Bermingham, “He was outgoing and adventurous, always looking for the next great thing to participate in or accomplish.”

Former coworkers spoke about Johnson’s intelligence and talent while at CACI International. He was praised for his high motivation and work ethic, as well as his kindness and the positive impact he made on those around him.

Johnson loved sports, particularly basketball and football. While at UMW, Johnson and Ryan Brauch, another former roommate, created the Fantasy Sports Club, which met twice a week during football season to watch games together. Johnson’s favorite team was the New England Patriots, and he received Tom Brady’s autograph while visiting their training camp session with his two roommates in the summer of 2017.

Music also played an important part in Johnson’s life, and he found joy in producing it along with roommate Bermingham. He had built a home studio in his apartment and began working with local Fredericksburg artists. During his free time, Johnson enjoyed attending concerts like Tyler the Creator’s “Camp Flog Gnaw” in LA, as well as going out to dance with friends.

 “Throughout the night [Johnson] would be pretty relaxed, but the moment Travis Scott or Pop Smoke would come on, he would instantly be super hyped,” said close friend Gemma Spicka-Proffit. “He would bring so much energy to the floor that I could tell other people were energized too.”
Above all, Johnson is remembered for his friendliness and compassion. He was able to have in-depth conversations with just about anybody, including strangers that he had only recently met. Johnson was not afraid to be straightforward with others and stood proudly for what he believed in.
A private ceremony was held in Fredericksburg on June 12 to honor Johnson’s life.    

“I want people to remember his passion for life,” said Brauch. “He was an amazing guy with a huge heart.”

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